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I love this picture.   No, it is not a posed picture.

I’ve been thinking about how very fast the years go by.  We are not quite empty nesters, but it is closer than I would like.  But for now, I will enjoy both boys being home for the summer.

I remember the day I took this.  I was working in the kitchen (which is where the swings were).  Their swings had stopped and I knew they were asleep before even looking.  There was no jabbering going on.

When I looked over, I was amazed.  How had they fallen asleep in the same position?  Even their hands 🙂  I knew that I needed to take a picture – to capture this moment in time. 

Going down memory lane, thanking God for all of the many blessings.  Knowing that even as God has helped us through the years, He will continue to help us in the days to come.

I don’t ever want to live in the past.  There is too much life to enjoy, to do that.  But once in awhile I do think back to the joys of yesterday.

Looking ahead to the joys of grandchildren.  Yet taking time to enjoy the moment called today.

This is a more recent picture of my boys – enjoying the moment called today.  Chris is holding Zach and Andrew is to his left, with Megan (Zach’s sister) to his right.

til next time


June 11, 2008 - Posted by | twins | ,


  1. Boy oh boy the time sure does fly by fast. I remember the picture of the twins in their swings. So cute. 🙂 And to think they are now in college. WOW!

    Comment by Sis | June 15, 2008 | Reply

  2. your turn is coming Sis, look out before you know it …

    Comment by Gloria | June 16, 2008 | Reply

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