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Great River Road

What can I say that would begin to sum up the past 48 hours?  Did the trip live up to my expectations?  It was even better than I had hoped and I was hoping for fantastic. 🙂

It has been my dream for a long time (since I was 16)  to go on a motorcycle trip.  I have thought about it, envisioned it and planned it in my head a bunch of times.  This did have the potential to set me up for disappointment.  But how to handle and deal with disappointment will be another blog.   I know that the anticipation was a part of the whole overal enjoyment.  The hours upon hours of just driving down the road with the river on one side and bluffs, trees or farmland on the other was breath taking.  I never tired of it.  I think I was born to ride. 

Here’s a summary:

Got off work Thursday and Curt surprised me with matching rain jackets.  We took off and went only about an hour.  It was late and I was hungry.  lol – Perkins – yum.   Stayed at a hotel right on the bluffs.  It was the perfect spot.

It was raining the next morning.  We had to be out by 11:00, but the rain stopped right before that.  Thank you God.  See we had prayed about it and sensing no hesitation decided that we were going to go – rain or no rain.  With the various things that go on at the church and Curt starting to teach his summer class next week, we couldn’t just postpone it.  We weren’t sure how far we would be able to go, that we left up to God. 

We had no real destination in mind – just going to ride up the Great River Road.  Many times the clouds overhead were looking pretty rough.  However, we went through 4 states, over to Illinois, up Wisconsin, over to Minnesota, back down to Iowa.  I’m ready to go again.  It was so absolutely beautiful.

We put on over 400 miles (something like 440).  Am more determined to find that touring bike with a bigger seat. :p

Had a couple firsts for me.  Got caught in the rain once on Friday (should have had our rain gear on).  Then today, we stopped along the road to put on our rain gear.  Once we started, we ran into rain within 2 minutes. (Yup, we were glad we stopped).  The rain gear  works very well.

The other first was the last hour or so of our trip the wind was blowing so hard that we had to lean into the wind.  Yeah, that is not something I care for. 

We were going to stay in LaCrosse, GANGWI last night, but little did we know that they were having a S and S motorcycle convention this weekend.  There were bikes everywhere.  In fact, I was suppose to be looking for a place to eat and all I could do was laugh out loud the whole way through town.  You see, we were riding with a large group of bikers who all had rain gear on.  So naturally we all looked like we could be together.     

I did tell Curt that I figured they might like to have a pastor in the group.  He could have been the motorcycle chaplain for the weekend.  Yeah, it didn’t work. 

Ate lunch today at Balltown.  (All you ladies that went with me to Balltown before the fire, it looks great).  It is quite the popular motorcycle stop.  It seems there were a lot of people with the same idea.  Get out and enjoy the day, even though the weather forecast was lousy.  It didn’t matter.  They were riding the Great River Road.

To sum it up — I could see God’s fingerprints everywhere.  Words can’t fully describe just how magnificent it was.

til next time


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  1. Sounds like the kind of let your hair down and let the wind blow through it kind of trip you may have been needing. Sounds like it was definitely one that’ll be logged into the memory banks for you for years to come. Glad the weather cooperated for the most part and that you were able to have that little dream come true in a great way. Welcome back!

    Comment by LisaB | June 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. I have been on the receiving end of things not turning out at all as planned. That is all a part of life, but I much prefer it when it turns out better than anticipated.

    As always it was good to be back in my own bed. 🙂

    Comment by Gloria | June 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. […] decided to do another ‘Great River Road’ trip.  The weather was picture perfect – beyond my expectations.  With each bend in the […]

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