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Living the dream

Living the dream.  Love our rain jackets.  Curt said he picked the color yellow because it would help make us more visible.  (this is a good thing)

This picture shows just a bit of Andrew’s ‘stang.  He loves that car.  Since we have a new touring bike, this was the first and last trip we will take on this bike.  Now it also is Andrew’s.  First thing he did was remove the windshield.  Something about “uncool”.   :p

There was a horrible crash not more than 10 miles from our home on Saturday.  We had a few calls wanting to make sure it wasn’t us.  It involved two people on a cycle.  One died and don’t know the condition of the other.  It was totally the fault of the vehicle driver.  This is a tragedy.

Fear can stop us from doing things that we would really like to do.  Fear can hinder us from enjoying life.  I know the dangers are there in riding on two wheels.  I also know that God is in charge of my life.  This doesn’t mean I can go around doing stupid stuff – or acting as if I am invincible.  I must use common sense.  

But what it does mean is that I can enjoy life.   If I have a dream in my heart to do something then I can go ahead and give it a try.  I can’t accurately describe how very close I feel to God when we are out in the middle of no where enjoying the beauty, as if He painted it just for us. 

So here we are about to embark on our journey. We don’t have it all mapped out.  We’re only sure of the next stop.  What will happen later; we can only wonder and trust God. 

At this point we know the weather sounds like it will be an obstacle in our path.  We are unaware of what other obstacles we will face.  (lumber in the middle of the road, sand that was washed up on the road, other vehicles that aren’t paying attention, even a turkey and her babies along the edge of the road,)

But we are about to live the dream.  In great anticipation we take off.

In life, I want to have the same anticipation.  God doesn’t give us the whole mapped out trip.  Sometimes we only have the next stop marked.  We know there will be obstacles, some we know about — most we don’t have a clue until they are right in front of us.

The choice is ours.  Speaking of choices I have to run now,  going for another ride on the new bike.

Living the dream. 

til next time


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  1. Funny you should mention the visibility factor. I was talking with a friend today who was just talking about how some people go for the noisier bikes and like to rev their engines at intersections for that reason, to make sure the other vehicles around know that they are there for safety reasons. She said she was considering a chrome helmet for that reason too. She figures the shinier it is the more likely it is to reflect thus letting people know she’s there when she rides so they don’t “miss her” and run into her or something.

    I have to admit, I’m rather glad that God doesn’t give us the whole mapped out trip. It makes the nice surprises that much nicer and cuts down on the temptation to dwell on and dread the less pleasant spots thus making them even worse than need be and possibly stealing some of the joy from the good points. While I admit sometimes it would be nice to know better which turn one might choose will lead down the more pleasant paths, but that’s all part of the adventure in life right? Just think of all the good stories we’d miss out on if we never went through any rough patches (and unless you’re specifically training for something or are a glutton for punishment, how many of us would honestly choose the rougher paths if given the clear cut choice?)

    Enjoy living your dream while you are able so you can bask in the memories when the time is past (and maybe a few of us can live vicariously through your accounts of it in the process.)

    Comment by LisaB | July 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. Lisa — like the idea of a chrome helmet.

    So true, it is all a part of the adventure. It is in the hard times that we grow. And I do love the great stories people share once they have processed the experience.

    Comment by Gloria | July 2, 2008 | Reply

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