Living Life in a Fish Bowl!

Gloria’s take on life.


The church had the annual camping trip this weekend.

I knew I was in trouble early on Thursday.  What to do when things have come at you and all you want to do is go find a rock to crawl under?  I could stay home, (looking back maybe I should have??) but I had said that I was going.  I could go and try to fake it, put on a happy face and be phony.  Nope, that is just not who I am. 

Just because I am a Pastor’s wife does not mean that everything is roses and lollipops.  A long time ago,  I actually had someone tell  me that I didn’t have any problems, that my life was perfect.  It was then that the light bulb came on and I realized that some people just don’t have a clue.  The problem is that as a Pastor’s wife there are things going in all different directions.   For me, the time crunch is also a huge factor, which is why I have learned to carve  some wiggle room in my schedule.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, my wiggle room, wiggled right out the window.

So to stay in the truth, I did tell all that I was cranky and  I was trying to get a handle on it, but it wasn’t working to well.  I did not tell them the why?  Some things just don’t need to be discussed with large groups.  What did get talked about was the “straw that broke the camels back”.  Isn’t it funny how something that normally would have been no big deal can be a deal breaker.  You know the thing that puts you over the edge. 

Getting back to wiggle room, I did make a discovery on this trip.   I am going to leave the overnight camping til such time as I am only working one job and not two.   Someday (at least I am still hoping) I will not have such a time crunch on my life.

Here are some pictures.  Curt  brought his fishing boat for people to use.  Matt actually ended up throwing the pole in the water on his cast while he was in the boat.  Pretty funny!! He said the worst part was having to tell Pastor that he sank his pole.  Poor thing.  However, the next day, Hannah snagged it while fishing so the pole was retrieved.  🙂  Terrence, however, would not let Matt fish from the boat again.  Ahhhhh.


Hannah caught the first fish.  A couple of the guys slept in home made hammocks.  Tonya is singing a lullaby to Michael in his hammock.  There was a gentle rain most of Friday afternoon but John and Cathy had brought an awning.  What a great thing that is! 

Well, there is much to do before tomorrow morning.  Most importantly on the list is getting a handle on my emotions.  The best way I know to do that is to get alone with God.  I am taking back my wiggle room.

til next time


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