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Curt’s birthday

Today is Curt’s birthday.  What to get him???  The man really likes practical gifts.  My philosophy on the whole thing is ‘a present is not something that we had already decided that we needed to purchase and so we tack in on as ‘the present’.  Ummm – Noooo.   Case in point, our second or third Christmas –  money was tight, and my present that year was a flasher for our camera – remember the old cameras with the detachable flashers??  Now it was a really nice flasher, but we had already decided we were getting one.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t appreciative, well, ok maybe I wasn’t.  It’s just that for me, a present comes from the ‘want’ category. 

Curt has come to realize that this has been thoroughly ingrained in me.  Now it doesn’t have to be anything expensive.  Price is not an issue; name brand is not an issue.  (Good thing too cuz being a Pastor’s wife is not the road of great financial riches)  The issue for me is not something practical  — The less practical the better.  One of my favorite gifts is this little stuffed dog that I have on the computer.  Talk about impractical — I love it!!

I digress.  Curt’s birthday.  He mentioned a few days ago that he could really use his own air compressor.  Might have had something to do with borrowing a friends again.

One of the ladies at work had this great idea.  Buy a helium balloon and write on it air compressor.  So today during my lunch break I walk (yes walk in all this humidity) downtown to the store and pick out a manly balloon (had tools all over it) and a solid color one that I wrote on.  “Air compressor – Enjoy!!!”

When I was telling another lady at work what I had done, she felt sorry for Curt.  That is, until she realized that he really was getting an air compressor not just compressed air.  🙂 I just have not got a clue what kind or where is the best deal and so he will get to shop for his own.  I’m sure he will like that better anyway, because I have heard that some of them can be quite spendy.  This way he will have control over how much he wants to spend on it.

Chris took both of us out to eat and to a movie tonight for his dad’s birthday.  That was really nice.  It was a practical gift — good job Chris.  🙂 Andrew, had to work, but before that he took the whole day to drive the campers across the state to kids camp so that his dad didn’t have to.  That was a huge blessing.

Here he is  1             here at Branson        here in a tree            

Happy birthday babe!!!

til next time


July 21, 2008 - Posted by | just thinking about stuff, Pastor's wife, relationships |


  1. Happy Birthday to Curt. Did you guys find the card Steve had left at the house? (We were going to bring it last night, but I forgot) Speaking of forgetting, I don’t suppose my hubby remembered to leave a message for you guys to let you know it was there did he?

    Sounds like a pleasant day. I liked the compressed air thingy with the balloons. Clever! Did he at least appreciate the humor of it?

    Comment by LisaB | July 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. The sad thing is that I didn’t get either the joke;(compressed air in the balloon) or that it represented a new and different air compressor. I thought that it referred to the one that we had already purchased that plugs into a cigerette lighter on a car. I can be kind’ve slow sometimes:)

    Comment by cgirod | July 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. Lisa, found the card, no message that I know of. I think Curt answered your question. lol what can I say? Sometimes us ladies do have to spell it out 🙂

    Curt, the one we picked up was one for the road so to speak. LOL It won’t do much besides tires. And there are many more reasons to have one. I just wish we had grabbed pappa’s when we had the chance. oh well.

    Comment by Gloria | July 22, 2008 | Reply

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