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Dreams part 2

Today I was thinking about daydreams.  It made me smile 🙂

When Andrew was in school a few of his teachers each year would mention at conferences that Andrew seemed to be doing more daydreaming in their class than listening.  When we would ask him about this, he would say something along the lines of “Oh mom it is soooo boring,” or “I don’t want to be there,” or “They keep repeating the same thing over and over”, or “I just can’t help it”   We did discuss with him all the appropriate responses.

But who hasn’t tuned out what is going on around them and given into dreaming about something else or being somewhere else?  I’ve been doing that a lot lately – maybe too much.  Don’t have to wonder where Andrew gets it.  🙂

Awake dreams are my favorite.  These are the things you think about and imagine what would it be like if….these are the dreams that are possibly deep inside you.   When we are young it is called  “When I grow up I want to be….”   As an adult it could fall under the category of  “Someday…..”  In my bucket list I have some of them listed.  I’ve not listed everything because some dreams are very personal and private.

As we grow older – many times – we shelf those thoughts and go on with the daily grind.  Our dreams start to fade away.   I think this is a sad thing, unless of course, your dreams are unrealistic.   — “someday I will go bungee jumping” — now that ain’t gonna happen no matter how much I dream about it.  🙂

To forget about things in life that we hope for or to take a negative attitude (it will never happen) can effect who we are in the present.  On the other hand to be a person of hope will also affect our daily lives.  

Now some dreams take awhile to happen.  (I waited 30 years for my dream of one day going on a motorcycle trip)  Of course some dreams are more important than others.  If I would have never went on that trip my life still would be very fulfilling.  It’s not that all our dreams must come true.  We do not live a fairy tale life.  However, expecting something good to happen and working toward a goal are not bad things.  We should be people of purpose.

God tells us in His Word that He can do even more than we can ask or dream.  I remind Him quite often that I can dream big.  Actually by doing that I am reminding myself that it’s ok to dream big, because I  serve a God who is bigger still.   This doesn’t mean that I dictate to God my dreams, but that I place my dreams in His care and what He does is so much better for me than I could ever plan.

I believe there are things that God births in our heart.  Awesome things that He wants to do in us, through us, for us, and with us.  Trusting Him with our dreams and trusting Him with our lives — takes a step of faith.  One we won’t regret.  He has a plan for each person, tailored made just for them.

What am I currently dreaming about?  Being a size 7 again — now stop that laughing — ok so that one may not be attainable anymore but does that mean I don’t do anything??   

I dream of:  

one day being able to quit my bookkeeping job because the church has grown tremendously and instead of part time I can become full time at the church,  

 to one day be able to minister to other pastor’s wives in a tangible way,  

actually decluttering my house ( I do have a plan for the shoe clutter)

going on a family motorcycle trip

the list goes on  –  what is in your heart?  what is it that makes you smile?

til next time


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  1. I dream of having electronics (and electronics programs) I can use that actually continue to work well, the way they are supposed to:

    i.e. tv that doesn’t start with a great picture and gradually end up with static on half the channels, cell phone I don’t have to stand outside at just the right angle to keep the signal on, VCR that doesn’t eat tapes or buzz like a fly the entire time I try to watch or that has tracking issues, email that doesn’t have assorted repeated issues, camera that doesn’t take a lo-o-o-ong time to take a decent picture, printer that doesn’t leave lines through photo prints, alarm clock that actually and consistently goes off at the time it’s set for (without having to worry about an eager beaver “alarm” of another sort “going off” even earlier), and don’t even get me started on computers! (Just what in the world does “Line 1 out of memory” mean anyway?)

    *sigh* I had somebody tell me once that I am “incompatible with DOS”. It appears I may be “incompatible” with operating systems of a lot of sorts. (Which is really sad because I can do quite a lot with most these things when I can get them to work for me.)

    Now, as long as we’re dreaming anyway, can I also tag onto the request that I have the conscienable time to actually put them to good use while I got them oh, and I s’pose I could throw in there “and a place where we can actually keep, have, and use them that doesn’t require side stepping, climbing over or moving a stack of other stuff out of the way in order to get near them”? Why not throw a maid in there while we’re at it (I’m really not fond of housework yet there is that little OCD issue…)?

    Aaaaaaahhhhh, yes, daydreaming can be so much fun…

    Comment by LisaB | July 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Lisa, I think you need an “Oh sweet baby” You sure have had your share of tech problems. Surely this is just a test. Hang in there, it will get better. My momma says “you can’t have a testimony without a ‘mony” or was that without a test?? lol

    Love the idea about a maid.

    Comment by Gloria | July 24, 2008 | Reply

  3. Can we go bungee jumping? Any idea how much it costs?

    Comment by cgirod | July 24, 2008 | Reply

  4. Gloria – that must be “you can’t have a testimony without some TEA MONEY.”


    Comment by Cherie Bell | July 24, 2008 | Reply

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