Living Life in a Fish Bowl!

Gloria’s take on life.

Ever had one of these days??

It isn’t a merry-go-round, but the similiarities are there.  There is much I could say about this brief video, but I will let you do your own reflecting.

So I wonder, just how many life lessons are there in this video?? 

til next time


July 31, 2008 - Posted by | just thinking about stuff, life lessons |


  1. poor kitty… that cat needs a “Oh sweet baby” especially after hittin that wall.

    Comment by tjalexander | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. awwwwww…..poor kitty. lololol. Maybe getting off the merry-go-round isn’t such a good idea. Cat would have been way better off staying on till he turned the fan off!

    Comment by Susan | August 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. tj, yes, ‘sweet baby’ is in order, although if the kitty would have come when she was called – life lesson – live in obedience to God (or for the kitty its owner) – life is so much better – we won’t hit the wall.

    Susan, yes he should have hung on until the fan was turned off — life lesson — don’t let go while in motion

    another life lesson to be learned from the kitty – something may look so good, may just be screaming for you to do it/go after it/ have it/temptation is right there looming in front of you… but that doesn’t mean that it is good for you or that it will be what you expected.

    yet another life lesson — there are consequences to our choices.

    Comment by Gloria | August 2, 2008 | Reply

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