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What an adventure!

It’s been 5 days filled with adventure, but we are finally home safe and sound.  I love the new bike seat. It is great!!  I could ride forever without a break — ok, not true, but all I need to do is outlast Curt and that is a snap 🙂 

Here are some of the comments that could be heard on any given day of our trip:

“This is a good road”    or

“I’ll be glad when we are off this road.”

“Look at the view”  along with variations of “wow, that is beautiful” (pretty or great ect.)

“Bump!”  Funny how well you can feel those bumps on a motorcycle 🙂

“Check out those clouds??  Does it look like rain??”

These next 2 statements were only expressed by Curt 😉

“I’m ready for a break”

“I hope to have to stop at the light”  — a chance for him to do a little stand up routine 😉

We put on over 1100 miles, 1150 miles to be exact.  That is a lot of country and a lot of riding on two wheels.  I’ll be taking the next few days to blog about it.   It was absolutely an adventure in which we enjoyed the journey.

Even came home to a picked up house — the boys did a fine job.  A real blessing as I am pretty whupped.  I told Curt this afternoon that it felt like I had been boiled like a lobster — I love riding with the sun shining and all, but maybe 400 miles of sunshine in one day was a bit too much.    I have the whole x-ray version of the raccoon look on my face– you know — my face is red but around my eyes it is not (polarized lens do make a difference)  Sunscreen would have too, but I didn’t put it on as much as I should have — silly me.

It is good to be home

til next time


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