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Woman Pastor?

Out of the blue I get this call the other night.  One of my oldest friends is on the line.  It has been years since we have talked. 

We had a lot of catching up to do.  She had run into my brother and asked him if he had my number.  She was surprised to hear that not only did I marry a preacher but I was also a licensed minister.  It has been interesting to me when someone from my deep past gets this news.  I really wasn’t a ‘bad’ person or anything.  I went to church regularly even.  Yet it isn’t too surprising as I am not the ‘stereotypical’ pastor’s wife (you can check that blog out by clicking on stereotypical pastor’s wife) and as far as women ministers go – just what do you think of when you think about Women ministers??

My goals back in high school went along the lines of accounting and making the big bucks.   I had a faith in God but I had ‘my plan’ and all God needed to do was rubber stamp it.  Yeah, well, that didn’t quite work out as planned and I am most grateful.

I went off to college for accounting, finished one year, got my bookkeeping certificate and then told my professor that I was heading off to Bible college.   He did his best to persuade me that I was not thinking clearly.  He said I would be back in a year.

A year later I did go back.  He had this look of ‘ah-hah!!’  Then I told him I just came back to share with him how absolutely fabulous it was to be right where God wanted me.  🙂 God has taken all areas of my life and used them for His glory.  Even my bookkeeping has fit into His plan – both as church bookkeeper and to supplement our income for now.

Generally I don’t bring up that I am a pastor’s wife or a pastor.  This is largely due to the responses that I have received when someone who doesn’t know me finds out that I am a pastor’s wife or a pastor.  I don’t want to be put on a pedestal nor do I desire to be harshly judged. 

What matters to me is that people will see my love for God and it will cause them to seek a relationship with God through Jesus.  

I take very seriously the mandate that teachers will face a stronger judgement (James 3:1).  My desire is that my life will be a reflection of Christ.  

“Preach the gospel at all times.  Use words if necessary.”   

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