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Christian tatoos??

Welcome to my fishbowl.  I thought I’d talk about Christian tattoos.

Christian tattoos — those two words can cause for an abundance of conversation.  Some people have very definite opinions about the subject.  Maybe you are one of them??   It is not my desire to offend anyone, if you have a strong opposition to tattoos, then please don’t read any farther.  Come back tomorrow and I will write on a different subject.

I remember as a child growing up that tattoos were practically right up there with the unpardonable sin.  Then my brother came home from the Navy with a couple tattoos.  One said “Mom and Dad”, and one said “Barb” or was it “Barbara”?  I remember trying to come to terms with what I had been taught and yet knowing that God loved my brother.  Something just didn’t add up.

Curt and I searched the scriptures early in our ministry.   We came to the conclusion that tattoos are a personal choice and are not frowned on by God.  After all God says in His word that we are tattooed on the palm of His hand.  {Isaiah 49:16}  

So what were we to do when Chris comes to us and says that he wants to get a tattoo?   We did tell him that he would have to wait until he was 18.  We encouraged him to give considerable thought to what he was going to have put on, as it would be there for the rest of his life.

The first two pictures are Chris’ first tattoo.  It is a crown of thorns with “Jesus is Lord” written in it.  It is beautifully done.  It has brought about a lot of discussion from people who may never have thought of entering a church.  When he first went to work they all thought it was fake because after all he was a preacher’s kid. 

I’ve mentioned that there is great competition between my twins.  Andrew couldn’t sit by and do nothing.  So the third picture is Andrew’s first tat.  It is the Alpha and Omega symbol.  Andrew soon decided he didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t see it, so he decided to do a shoulder, then later the other side.  One has a cross of nails that says “The Price He Paid”.  The other has an eagle on it and says “Isa. 40:31”      



          Yes, by the now the competition is in full swing.  I keep telling them, “Less is more”  🙂 

 Chris gets a guitar pick of the Christian flag and Andrew has “Jesus is Lord” written on the inside of his arm.  Lastly, Chris adds to his guitar pick – 14 – yes 14 blades.  7 purple representing the 7 heavenly virtues and 7 black representing the 7 deadly sins.  Later he plans to add “I choose grace” at the top.

I am extremely glad that they have chosen to promote their love for God – to so publicly proclaim that Jesus is their Lord.  In a day when many their age are tatooing all sorts of things on their body, they have chosen to take a stand.   A very bold stand I might add.

Whatever your view is on tattoos, my question for today is “Do people know what you stand for?”

til next time


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