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Wednesday night :)

As a Pastor/Pastor’s wife sometimes people will comment about all the church services I “have” to go to.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  I don’t ‘have’ to go, I get to go.  Big difference!!  Long before I was ever in this role I went to church most every time there was a service.  I figured out very early on that going to church was very beneficial for me.  You might think that is the main reason I go, but it isn’t.

Church is not all about me and what I get out of it.  Going to church is time that I set aside to join others in giving God praise.  Our worship time is a small taste of what heaven will be like.  As I focus on God it is still amazing to me how He refreshes and strengthens me.  

Church is a place to gather together to corporately worship God, to quiet ourselves before Him, to help us grow in our faith, to hear from Him through His word, during praise, and in prayer time.   Curt also blogged about church today.  To read his perspective click here.

Take tonight for example.  I was exhausted.  It is statement day at work and that means I get the joy of trying to solve all kinds of various problems – none of which I had anything to do with.  This can make for a long day. Ahh, but today is Wednesday.  I love Wednesdays for lots of reasons.  The main reason though is because I know that no matter what has gone on, is going on, or will go on during the day/week that at night I get to go to church. 

I believe strongly that we need to have our personal quiet time with God on a regular basis, but this does not take the place of church.  Just like church should not take the place of our own quiet time with God.   Plus I have found out that going to church in the middle of the week makes the remainder of my week go so much better.    

Tonight as our worship leader was singing the song ‘Breathe’ all I could do was just stand there as the words melted over me.   Once again I was being changed from the inside out.  You just don’t get that watching t.v.  

I wanted to be able to share just a bit of it with you, but I don’t know how to put our worship team on this blog.  Hillsong is quite powerful and I do enjoy singing along with them, but that is still not as good as being there tonight.  This clip is a bit long, if you have a time crunch the first minute sums it up.  “…..Your holy presence living in me, …..Your very word spoken to me”   

What is it that you are desperate (with extreme intensity) for?  And does it show?

til next time


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  1. […] Last night was our normal weekly Bible study.  It was rather a low attendance, some of our regulars were missing for a variety of reasons, but God was present by His Holy Spirit.  There was a wonderful time of refreshing during the worship time.  (I noticed this morning that my wife had blogged last night about the service, so I wasn’t the only one who noticed. You can check it out by clicking here )  […]

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  2. Last night’s worship was awesome. The Spirit was magnafied big time!

    Comment by tjalexander | September 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. Tj, that’s it exactly and to think we could have stayed home. Yup, I love going to Wednesday night church!!

    Comment by Gloria | September 11, 2008 | Reply

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