Living Life in a Fish Bowl!

Gloria’s take on life.


Been thinking about the rooms in my inner life, but first I am going to take you through the rooms of my ‘fishbowl’.   

Counting porches and the basement we have 12 rooms in our house.  Just a few too many to keep spotless.

If you are a stranger and come knocking at my door, the porch is probably as far as you will get.  Some haven’t even gotten that far.  I can kindly say I am not interested from the door of my front porch.  😛   

If you are an associate stopping for a short visit, you may only get into my living room.   It is possible that I may take you for a tour of the main level.  Depends on whether or not I feel the need to close doors.  LOL 

However, if you are a friend or a guest coming over for a meal, you will possibly go through 5 rooms in my house.  If you are staying overnight, then add 2 more rooms.   

If you are a close friend, then you pretty much will be free to wander around the main level.  It’s not that you can’t go upstairs or in the basement – there just isn’t much reason to go there.  Besides, if Psycho Kitty wants to be left alone, then we better leave her alone. 

If you are family, then pretty much any place is open to you in my house, but exercise caution if you go up to Chris’ or Andrew’s room.  I just don’t get jazzed up about them cleaning it anymore.   For now Chris’ room is quite clean.  I have turned it into a study.  He never knows just what will be in his room when he comes home on break.

As for our room, generally I do get the bed made, but even our bedroom isn’t what I would call company ready.  

I don’t expect family members or close friends to go rummaging through my closets or drawers, but it’s ok if they do.  I don’t have anything that is ‘hidden’.   Now that isn’t to say that I want all of you to go snooping the next time you are over. 😉

Been thinking about the process of holiness as it has been and is being worked out in my life.  My desire is for Jesus to have free access to all of the areas of my life. This isn’t always easy and it comes with a price.  Sometimes it is way more convenient to shut a particular door than to allow Jesus to walk with me inside that room.  

Take for instance the room of disappointments.  It can be so much ‘easier’ to not go in there, to not acknowledge it or deal with it.  The problem is that the room doesn’t disappear.  It is still there.  Then along comes some well meaning person who says just the wrong thing and ‘wham’ the disappointment grows.  Oh, the needless pain I carry when I don’t just allow Jesus to walk with me in all areas of my life.  Jesus walks into that room with me to give to me peace, hope, and renewed expectations.  I am in awe of how He takes my disappointments, gently cradles them and soon they are just gone.

How many rooms in your life do you allow Jesus to walk in??   Are some areas off limits?  Are there doors that remain closed?  Is He a visitor, a guest, an associate, a friend, or is He a close friend/family?  I know people who only let Jesus in at church.  There are others who view Him as someone they wish to impress and so have moments where He is a guest in their life.  For some He is a friend, but so much of their life is shut off to Him.   Then there are those who give Jesus freedom to walk into all areas of their life.  Oh, what a difference that makes.

I hope that is you.

til next time


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  1. Should we count the garage as a room?

    Comment by cgirod | September 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. So-o-o-o, is the invitation to “rummage” still up at Christmas time when you might have gifts hidden about the house? You never know when somebody might’ve tried to bribe them to find out what you got for them. 😉

    Comment by LisaB | September 19, 2008 | Reply

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