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Facing giants

Leadership — pretty much everybody is in some form of leadership.  As a mom, while my boys were growing up they listened to what I said and compared it to how I lived.  At work, people realize very quickly what type of employee I am.  With friends leadership can switch back and forth.  It may depend on who comes up with an idea???

Whether we are in charge of a Sunday school class, an office, a department, or just taking an active role in something, there are people who look at us for leadership.

As a pastor/pastor’s wife – just that title speaks leadership.  Whether I like it or not, people watch just a little bit closer to see how things are happening in my ‘fishbowl’.  The other day I read a blog by another pastor’s wife who wanted to quit.  The battle was just too overwhelming.  My heart went out to her.  I remember having moments like that.

The problem is we can easily get so caught up in a defeated/discouraged attitude that we forget.

We forget God is greater.

We forget God has great plans and uses all things to work out for our good.  Yes, even and maybe especially those tough situations. (It is amazing to me how He takes the painful and brings about something good.   I am in awe of how God takes my ‘ashes’ and gives me beauty.)

We forget God will make a way.  We try to make our own way and just end up in a mess.

We forget to spend time in His presence.  We start handling it on our own.  This only leads to more discouragement.  

A very helpful solution that I have found, that has worked every time, is when I start down that road of discouragement I look around for someone to come along side and cheer them on.  I never have to look far, but I do have to take my eyes off me and look.

I love the section in the movie “Facing the Giants” where the coach comes along side Brock cheering him on.  Think about the coach for a moment.  He was dealing with his own issues and yet he knew the importance of staying positive.

Take a moment and watch the death crawl.  It inspires me every time.  There’s Brock saying “It hurts, It’s heavy, It’s too hard.”   And there’s the coach saying “Keep going!  Don’t quit!”  Towards the end the coach  even gets right down there on his knees with him.  “Don’t you quit!!”  The power of encouragement.  Brock went farther than he would have ever thought possible.

I think I’ll go look for someone to cheer on.

til next time


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  1. We do not realize what we are capable of doing, and that is especially true when we realize that God will help us.

    Comment by cgirod | September 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. The new movie from the “Facing the Giants” people comes out in theaters tomorrow. We are hoping to take a bunch of couples from the church Sunday evening after the church picnic.

    Comment by Ruthie Oberg | September 25, 2008 | Reply

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