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japanese steak house

It has been a very long time since I have eaten at a Japanese steak house.  You know the restaurant where they cook your food right in front of you.  Today Curtis, Chris and I met Andrew for lunch at this new Japanese steak house.   Now days they do a little knife/spatula show also.  

As our cook was doing his thing, he dropped the spatula.  This didn’t faze him.  He said that it was part of the show, and continued with a new spatula.  This impressed me the most.  He was having fun and the fact that he dropped the spatula wasn’t going to ruin his fun.  I don’t believe for a moment it was part of the act. 🙂

I wonder how many times we don’t try something for fear that we will look foolish?  Or I wonder how many things we have tried, never to try again because we didn’t get it right.  Maybe someone laughed at us. 

I grew up in a small church, but you had to be very gifted to be on their specials list.  This really fried me.  Early on I knew that God didn’t care near as much about talent as He did about heart.  If someone truly can’t carry a tune, then find something else they can do to publicly express their love for God.    But let people share!

As a pastor’s wife I have made it my goal to encourage kids to use their talents.  To not get frustrated if it isn’t perfect.  To keep getting up there in front of people,  knowing that it really is for an audience of one.  We do it for God.  To express our love for Him in song, dance, poem, skit, instrumental, or whatever talent we use.

So I mess up on a song.  It happens.  It is certainly not planned.  However, it is not the end of the world either.  What I choose to do after that is important.  Do I quit?   No, I shrug it off and maybe even laugh about it.  Like my very first trumpet solo.  I could not, for anything, play while looking at the people.  I laugh when I am nervous.  You can’t play the trumpet and fight off a laugh.  So I stopped and told them I was going to turn around and play looking at the cross.  It worked great. 

So the life lesson here is when you drop a spatula, grab another and keep going.  Life is too short to take yourself so seriously.  Enjoy the journey, even the little bumps in the road. 

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  1. I suspect that our willingness to allow anyone who wants to do so, to share a special, has contributed to the number of musicians that we have in the congregation.

    Comment by cgirod | October 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. I love how you reflect on everyday life and turn your experiences into great illustrations !

    Comment by Helene | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. So…what kind of sushi did you have?????

    Comment by Cherie Bell | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  4. Curt, we are way blessed with musicians – To God be the glory!! It certainly may have something to do with giving kids opportunities at an early age to glorify God. Thinking Clayton and Noah are on their way to replacing me on piano. 🙂 John may be able to replace Lance when he heads off to college next fall.

    Helene thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I do try to see God in my everyday life.

    Cherie, NO sushi – at least not that I know of. ?? I sure didn’t understand what our waiter was saying even when I asked him over again. I did have this rice seaweed thing. Oh horrible beyond horrible! 😛 Just how I imagine seaweed tasted. Chris did it all of his. All in all though it was great, loved the whole experience. The onion volcano was just cool.

    Comment by Gloria | October 20, 2008 | Reply

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