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another lesson from the dog

Well, Daisy is still around.  Daisy is our basset hound that I have written about who was having a bit of a time figuring out where to potty.  She was finally given three chances to get it right.  To which she promptly used up two of those in one day. 😦 

Like I said she is still around which is surprising to both Andrew and I.  Curt says the dog is teaching him ‘mercy’.  I think the redeeming quality is that she is good sermon illustration material. 

Whenever I come home she is very much in my face.  She loves to go where we go and be with us.  Just try to get out the door without her.  She loves car rides especially.  She is very much a people dog.  Oh and she does love to give kisses.  Just ask my friend Cherie who upon meeting Daisy hollered, “She just french kissed me!”   Cherie did not like that one little bit.  For Daisy, it is how she shows love.

So tonight after work I am trying to get on facebook and there is Daisy.  She is all but crawling up in my lap.  Then it hit me.  What if I was like that with God?  What if I just couldn’t wait to spend time with Him.  What if I sat at His feet the way Daisy sits at mine?   What if I spent less time on the internet and more time alone with God?  Now before you start wondering about my relationship with God let me assure you that my relationship with God is good.  He is the One on whom I trust and He is what keeps me going. 

I once heard someone say though that good is the enemy of best.  Sometimes we settle for something because it is good enough instead of going after what is ‘best’.   

It seems that life has a way of draining me of that zeal that I had as a young single woman.  Trying to balance everything out and have time to fulfill all of the various obligations while still having energy left or have enthusiasm for anything,  well sometimes it is easy to fall into the trap of ‘it is good enough’. 

Yes, I talked with God today, but did He notice the same thing my dog noticed – that I was a bit preoccupied?? 

So today my dog reminded me that I don’t want to settle.  I want to be closer to God today than I was yesterday.  The good news is that I can be, it’s just up to me to seek God!

I love this song.  It is a great reminder.

til next time


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  1. See the dog is good for something, as opposed to good for nothing, like I certainly thought at first.

    Comment by cgirod | October 23, 2008 | Reply

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