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the ‘fair’ issue

Ever notice that sometimes life is not ‘fair’?  Of course, we all have.  Over the years I have struggled with the fair issue.  I seem to have a voice for the under dog.  It does bother me when people abuse their authority. 

We have a girl that I have known for over 15 years who is in the ‘system’.  In talking with her supervisor the other day the only thing I managed to do was get frustrated.  I finally ended the conversation by letting her know that I would be encouraging Angel to speak with her Dr. -in fact Angel had me write a note for her to give her doctor.   I wish that I could have gone with her.  Certainly her supervisor isn’t going to speak up for her.  

Can’t talk about the ‘fair’ issue and not think of T-ball and little league.  I remember the first little league game the boys participated in.  Some of the moms had gotten together and decided that we shouldn’t keep score.  It would be too hard on the little guys.  Come on, what world were they living in?  

Winning and losing is part of life.  Learning to deal with losing is all part of character building.   I love a comment I heard one Pastor say.  “I am learning to fail forward.”  How cool is that.  Fear of failure keeps so many people from even attempting anything at all.

Life is not fair period.  On the same hand Life is good.  Learning how to deal with the unfairness of life is all part of growing up.  Now I do think we need to stand up for justice.  Right the wrongs and all that.  But many times people get really petty about things that just aren’t important.  It makes a difference what you focus on.  I try to focus on LIFE IS GOOD!!  Please notice the word ‘try’, sometimes it is way too easy to jump on the ‘that’s not fair’ bandwagon.

Some of the people I work with at my 2nd job might think that it isn’t fair that I don’t work on Saturdays.  This is why I stress the importance of the job interview.  If there are things that are non-negotiable and you don’t bring them up, then you have no one to blame but yourself.  Working Saturdays would have been a deal breaker for me.  There is no way I would have left my other job for a job that required Saturdays.   Everyone else with the exception of one was told up front they would work every other Saturday.  The other person who was told she didn’t have to work Saturdays chose to work them anyway.  Good for her, that was her choice. 

That reminds me of the story in the Bible where the man hired people to work for him for a certain wage.  Then as the day went on he hired more.  At the end of the day each one was paid the same.  Those who were hired, that had worked all day, were upset.  Yet they had thought the wage fair in the beginning.  It was only in comparing themselves to others that the problem came in. 

So the ‘fair’ issue.  If it is a justice issue then action needs to be taken.  If it is a petty issue then just drop it and move on.  I’ve seen what hanging on to petty things does to people and it isn’t pretty.  The difference between petty and pretty is an ‘r’.  So ‘r’ u going to let something petty ruin your day?  There is nothing pretty about being petty.

On that note, I am off to work on my day off.  It is going to be a good day because Life is Good!

til next time


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  1. Hopefully, the morning at work goes well and the rest of the day is great!

    Comment by cgirod | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. If you think life is fair you haven’t read the story of the prodigal son…one son is responsible, faithful, and loyal. The other is the opposite. Which one gets the party?

    This isn’t justice…it’s grace. Both are at play in this story…the debt for all the partying on the part of the younger son had to be paid – that’s only just – but the father paid it for him and even added a little bonus – that’s the grace.

    The older son understood the justice but not the grace. Unfortunately, I have been both the younger and the older…and sometimes all in the same day!

    Comment by Ruthie Oberg | October 24, 2008 | Reply

  3. Curt – work did go well and the rest of the day was indeed great!!!

    Ruthie – I love that story. Probably because I too can relate to being both brothers. Ah, the life lessons we learn as we continue to grow.

    Comment by Gloria | October 24, 2008 | Reply

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