Living Life in a Fish Bowl!

Gloria’s take on life.

going after it

It seems that everywhere you look people are busy.  Ask someone how they are and many times the answer is ‘tired’.  We can fill our schedule so full that we don’t have time for what really matters to us. 

Here is Daisy trying to get the crumbs out of a chip bag.  She chased that bag all over the living room.  My dog is many things.  One of them is very persistent.  If she wants something she goes after it.  Mild discomfort is not a deterrent.  

Oh, if I had her determination.  Of course if I laid around all day and snoozed, I may have the energy to ‘chase a lion’ metaphorically speaking.  Maybe lack of energy comes with age, but more likely, it comes with too much going on.

I love technology, but I think that it is doing exactly what it was set out to not do.  It was suppose to make our lives so much easier.  😛  Instead I think it has complicated our lives.  Instead of just having snail mail pile up requiring my attention I have email, facebook, wordpress,  etc. 

We take our phone with us so that we are accessible 24/7.  If there were a chip bag to chase or a ‘lion’ we would have to put it on our day planner.  Maybe I can fit that in a week from Tuesday.  Oh wait, how about two weeks from Monday?

Finally, Daisy has mastered the chip bag after I stepped in and opened up the bag.  What have I mastered today?  Laundry? a sink full of dishes?  Maybe neither of those but the real question is ‘have I mastered the art of enjoying the day?  Have I used my time wisely?  Using time wisely does not mean working every waking minute.  There is a name for that.

Just as Daisy went after that chip bag, I plan to go after life.  Life is good.  There does seem to always be more than I can possibly get done in a day.  So the question I ask myself is “what am I going after today?”  “What are the really important things?”   There are ‘lions’ to chase, people to help, prayers to be said and most important time to be still and spend with Jesus.  I believe that is the important key.   As I spend time with Jesus – He helps me, He opens my ‘chip bag’ – He restores my soul and floods me with peace. 

til next time


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  1. I’m not sure who got more enjoyment out of Daisy trying for those crumbs, her or us.

    Comment by cgirod | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Do you suppose God ever gives us a “chip bag” that we chase around that He gets just as much enjoyment out of watching us go after it as we do in the chase? What do you suppose those “chip bags” are?

    Comment by LisaB | October 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. Curt – we certainly got a good laugh out of it. Daisy got the satisfaction of succeeding. 🙂

    Lisa – I love that scripture that says God takes great delight in His people. Hmmmm, I think the “chip bags” could be so many different things. The only ones I can think of right now are too personal to just mention. Maybe a future blog??

    Comment by Gloria | October 26, 2008 | Reply

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