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what r u investing in?


“I will not just live my life.

I will not just spend my life.

I will invest my life.” (Helen Keller)

Have you ever found yourself caught in the survival mode trap? Maybe you’ve said something along this line, “I just want to get through the day.” I know that I have been there. It’s so easy to get caught up in all that has to be done that I can miss vital opportunities to truly invest my life in what’s important.

I heard someone give an acronym for busy — Being Under Satan’s Yoke. When I find myself in survival mode I know it’s time to re-evaluate my priorities. Usually what has happened is the things that are not top on my list have jumped to the top. I have allowed myself to get out of balance. Sure what I am doing is possibly important but the question I ask myself is “Is this kingdom minded?”

Kingdom minded — building the kingdom of God. Recognizing that building the kingdom is about people, investing in people. It is more important that people are serving God than that they attend our particular church. Now people who attend my church do get more of my time, but nothing is stopping me from encouraging those who don’t attend my church to love Jesus and grow in God.

What kind of impact am I having on the lady I see behind the counter at Hardee’s? How about the kid who is always working at Casey’s? How am I investing in their life? Am I investing or am I in too big of a hurry?

Here is another question I ask. Am I approachable? If not, what needs to change? Maybe, just maybe I need to slow down. One of the things I am working on is to force myself to slow down. So many opportunities are missed because I am in just too much of a hurry.

The other day, I was getting a fountain pop at Casey’s and something the girl said, maybe the way in which she said it, caused me to stop and pry just a little. Come to find out she had gotten very troubling news. I had the opportunity to invest in her life. This time I took time. I wonder though, how many times I don’t pick up on that little clue because I am preoccupied.

The enemy of our souls likes nothing better than to keep God’s kids so busy that we don’t take time for those things that will matter for eternity. What is more important than investing in people?

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