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the duck


Last year at Christmas time my mother was given this duck.  He is not just any duck.  He is a duck with attitude.  If you pull the hair on the top of his head he will quack a blue streak at you.  If you happen to pull him up by the neck, well, let’s just say he doesn’t like that either.  My mother loves this duck.  Once again this duck entertained us over the Thanksgiving week-end.

                                                         Ready, Set, Go


The duck doesn’t just quack.  It also plays a pretty tune and marches around inhelp-me1 somewhat of a circle.  It did remind me of myself.  I can march to a pretty tune and certainly there are times that I feel like I am going around in circles.  Just yank my chain though and I can squawk just like this duck.  The difference is that when I do it, it really isn’t funny. 

Cara and I love to make this duck quack!!  Getting grandma to share can be a challenge.  LOL.  

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to not take things quite so seriously.  Humor helps!   

til next time



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