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R + R – R = R

R + R – R = R.  Yes, that is what I meant.  R plus R minus R equal R.   What??  That is what I said when my boss first said this to me.  Then I said “Yes, that would be correct – mathematically speaking.”   However, I knew this was not a math problem. 

The R’s stand for different words.  So let me say it like this:

Rules plus Regulations minus Relationship equal Rebellion. 

The key in this equation is Relationship.  The more I have thought about this, the more that I like it. 

Let me quickly say, I don’t think there is one solution to avoid rebellion.  I do think though that relationship is a huge key that many people overlook. 

When I was working at the middle school, I often was saddled with either the most troubled, or least motivated, or rude child – sometimes the child was all of the above!  At times I would have three or four of the above at one time. 

Yet, they would work for me.  They would behave for me.  They quickly stopped being rude to me.  Oh I had strick rules and regulations, but that wasn’t all I had.  There are two reasons why I think those kids were different with me.  First and foremost, because I would pray asking God to help me to reach those kids.  Secondly, because I cared about them and expressed that to them.  I would listen to them.  I would talk with them, not at them.  Relationship. 

As Christians, it is important that we remember it is when people realize that we really care about them, that then they are more open to hearing what we have to say about our God.   Relationship. 

I do want to point out that this is not a 100% fool proof formula.  We can be doing everything right and still people will rebel.  I know wonderful godly parents whose children are in rebellion.  This does not mean that they did/do not have a relationship with their child.  Rebellion is a choice.  A person can choose to do right or choose to do wrong.   When we find ourselves dealing with someone in rebellion, it will go a long ways if we just remember that relationship is very important.  

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