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bail out

Now the auto industry is wanting a bail out.  Latest I heard is that they may be getting a band aid, not a bail out.   Should they get anything?  Should they get more?  Some are saying ‘if we don’t do something, they may no longer exist’.   What would that look like?  How many jobs would that affect?  I can’t even wrap my head around how  that would trickle down and what effect it would have.

It does make me wonder what is in store for us in the coming year.  The biggest problem that I see (in my small section of the world) is that people are not living within their means.  So many have existed on ‘buy now, pay later’  and living from paycheck to paycheck, that the idea of even having a savings is a foreign concept to them.

A long time ago I heard a ‘formula’ that I really liked.  Tithe 10%, save 10%, and live off of the other 80%.   As you may have read in other blogs of mine, I do hold strongly to tithing.  It’s all God’s anyway, but tithing is my way of reminding myself of  Who I trust.  

Tonight at a gathering I was at, one of the pastor’s made a comment along the lines of,  – we need to trim where we can but not succumb to being stingy and to not let fear guide us.  

For me, little has really changed.  God is still God.   He is still in control.   I will not be ruled by fear.  Now I have looked much closer at purchases.  The whole ‘need’ vs ‘want’.   I’ve done more thinking lately about ‘storing up my treasures in heaven.’   Do I really need a new t.v.??  (Andrew would say ‘YES!” )  However, the old one still works which makes it a ‘want’.

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