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lots of presents

Last Sunday Curt asked everyone which they preferred – One big present or a bunch of  little presents.  First service was very cooperative.   Second service may have been looking for the catch.  🙂   It  most definitely brought laughter from the congregation.  (FYI: I am a bunch of little presents kind of gal.)  add_toon_info

There was no catch, Curt was just leading into the point that Jesus has given us the biggest present, but that’s not all.  He also has all kinds of little presents that He freely hands out.  Our God is an awesome God.  I don’t begin to think I have God figured out.  His ways are beyond my ability to totally grasp.  He is God!

I really like this cartoon.  Spending all of eternity with Jesus.  I can only begin to wrap my head around that.   What will it be like to have no more pain, no more tears or sorrow?  What will it be like to see Him face to face?  I can only imagine and my imagination, I am sure, doesn’t even come close to the reality of what it will be. 

Yet, in the meantime, there are so many other ‘presents’ that He gives to us.  I can’t put a price tag on peace, joy, mercy, or grace.  Daily God gives those things to us.   Wisdom is another wonderful present.  Let’s not forget the Bible – His love letter to us.

Another ‘present’ is His ‘presence’ in our lives.  He is not some far off God that in unavailable.  He has promised to never leave us.  He is always there.  He hears our prayers and see our heart. 

There’s another thought that is hard to grasp.  All the people all over the earth, who at any given moment are talking to God, and He keeps it all straight.  The ultimate multi-tasker.   That’s another one that is hard to wrap my brain around.  Yet, the fact that I can’t understand the ‘how’ of all of this, just makes me more in awe of who God is.    We come to Him in faith.  Faith – a good topic for another blog.

This holiday season remember who has given us the greatest present of all.  May His light shine brightly through us.

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