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showing love?

So could the  penguins represent christianity and the polar bears  represent agnostics or atheists?   Take a look at the commercial at the bottom and see for yourself.  (After all christians do like to have fun and the penguins kind of remind me of our church ladies group)  If we are indeed letting Christ’s love shine through us then agnostics or atheists should be just a bit curious.  Just a thought. 

So less than 24 hours from now our family starts the festivities of  Christmas.  Our traditions begin around 6:00 p.m. Christmas Eve.  Some traditions are worth keeping, others are not. 

For instance, as a child we always had oyster soup Christmas Eve.  I hate oysters.  Yet I clearly remember  the first Christmas Eve, when the weather stopped us from going to mom’s for Christmas,  that I sent Curt all over looking for oysters.    He did find canned oysters at a gas station.  They should have been gold considering what he paid for them. 

I made the soup and we sat down for supper.  The boys were very little and I made chili for them (and me LOL).  When Curt realized that I wouldn’t eat the oysters, well let’s just say that was the last time we held on to that tradition.  🙂 

Before we know it the ‘holiday’ will be over.   Holidays can bring out the worst in people.   I don’t think it is the holiday itself but the added stress.  Take a person who’s life is already crammed with way too much and then add another whole list of activities and things needing or wanting to get done and you can have a recipe for disaster.

This year I scaled way back.  It was absolutely the most mature thing I have done.  However, in scaling back I did add one thing.  I have made it a point to notice people, to look for ways to reach out in a gesture of kindness to strangers, and to see ways to help.  It has been most refreshing.

This video clip is a Coke commercial that I just love.  It speaks loudly to me that when we encounter people who are not where we are at, or don’t share the same religious views, or are different in any way – that we offer them the love of Christ.   I don’t have to agree with choices, lifestyle, language, looks, attitude etc. to show kindness and love. 

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  1. I certainly hope that at our church we will offer to people who may be different in appearance the love of Christ.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | December 24, 2008 | Reply

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