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where they know my name

 “Where everybody knows your name.”  (remember the theme song from ‘Cheers’?)   There is nothing quite like getting together with people who know you.  Well, that is people who know you and love you anyway.  🙂 

I love to get together with a particular group of people.  These people are fabulous.  They make me laugh.    This group knows my name. 

They’ve seen me at my best and they’ve seen me as I struggle.  We are on this journey of life together supporting  one another.   It is a place where there is an abundance of care and love.  A place where you can be  a real jerk and later come back and find that love is still abundant.   You see this group of people realizes that no one is perfect and we all need grace.

This is better than a 12 step program.  It is here that I am truly accepted for who I am and where I am at.  I cry with those who cry and laugh with those who laugh.  Laughter is contagious!!   

church-with-frameWhere is this place? 

I’m talking about my church ‘family’.   Church where everybody knows my name.  Church where I join others in bowing before the King of Kings.  Church where God’s presence washes over me, refreshing and restoring my life. 

On any given Sunday we will laugh much.  We do enjoy ourselves.   It isn’t all about laughter though.  We are challenged to grow, to learn, and to change.  We are reminded that God has a plan and a purpose.   God is in control.  God is good.  All the time.

Church should not be endured but embraced.   It  should be an extension of your walk with God.  I don’t ‘have’ to go I ‘get’ to go.  (big difference) 

Whether it is during worship, prayer time or the sermon, God touches my life in a way that is different from my personal quiet time with God.   Sure I can be a christian and not go to church, but why would I want to do that?  Getting together with God’s people is a valuable asset to my walk with God. 

I am grateful that I live in a country where I can freely gather with others to worship God.  My heart goes out to those who see church as a drudgery or boring.  As in my personal life, so with my church family, serving God is exciting.  

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