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life can get complicated

Life right now is a bit complicated.  I much prefer when things are running smoothly.  Who doesn’t??  I am not one that needs drama in her life to know that she is alive.  I have met people like that.  No thank you.  Ah but at times life does get complicated.

Parenting can be overwhelming.  So my twins are 20 now and whoever said that it gets easier as they get older was wrong.  Wait a minute.  I am one of those who said that.  I stand corrected.

Now in the beginning having twins was work.  I don’t remember much of that first year.  There wasn’t much that was what I expected.  Oh, but it was an adventure that I embraced.  I have tons of pictures and information galore.  Yes, they each have a baby book and it is filled.  I wanted to capture each development.  

As they got older, it did get easier.  They had a ready made playmate.  Their growing up years were for the most part wonderful.  There are of course things that I wish I could do over.  Things that if I had another child I would do differently.  However, kids grow up in spite of our mistakes. 

They have always been pk’s.  (pastor’s kids)  They have had to live with that pressure.  From the beginning Curt and I did what we could to stop others from placing expectations on them.   More importantly, we did our best to let them know that they were/are more important to us. 

As they entered the teen years (that would be 16 and a license to drive) the rules changed.  Freedom came with responsibilities and they rose to the occasion.   I remember over hearing Chris tell Andrew that they were going to get home earlier than curfew because then Mom and Dad would see how responsible they were.  It worked.  Curfew was extended.  It soon became apparent to me that indeed they were growing into great young men. 

Cell phones truly helped me to adapt to these new found freedoms.  Just knowing that I could call if I felt the need was nice.  (note to other parents – don’t abuse that) Prayer also played a huge role.  Leaving them in God’s hands helped me relax. 

We’ve turned a corner now that has me scratching my head.  They are 20.  Can I really be that old to have 20 year olds?  Denial has at times been my friend. LOL  Yet living in the truth really is one of my goals that I strive for.

So life has gotten complictated.  Parenting doesn’t end when they turn 18 or 19 or 20.  It just changes.   More and more decisions have to be made that just maybe I don’t like.  Learning when to open my mouth and when to just pray — oh life gets complicated. 

In my heart I know that they are smart, responsible, dependable, great young men.  Yet also in my heart they are my baby boys.  I want to shelter them from pain.  I still want to be the one to say “Watch out, don’t touch that. It’s hot!!”  Now that worked for a little boy and a hot pain on the stove.   Most parents know though that as children get older, it isn’t the stove that is going to burn them. 

Sigh, life gets complicated.  Yet God is still God.  He loves them more than I do.  Yes, it comes back to leaving them in His care and praying for wisdom to know when to speak.  I may still scratch my head – in fact I am sure I will.  I may even have to bite my tongue.  Oh I am sure there will be times that I will not be able to silence my opinions/advice.   I just pray that I can hold out until it is asked for. 

til next time


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  1. “I just pray that I can hold out until it is asked for”

    That coming from the lady who shreaked and ran away like it was going to bite her when asked where to put the “Empty Nesters” book that was being donated to the library.

    Um, yeah, good luck with that! *grin*
    (You know we love ya!)

    Comment by LisaB | December 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. I guess I should locate that book. **heavy sigh**

    Comment by Gloria | December 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. God helped us when they were small.
    God helped us when they were teenagers.
    God will help us as they mature.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. what you wrote is so true and a battle i tend to daily. i think they need my opinion for just about everything. NO! they just need my love for everything, about anything, and anytime.

    Comment by sue rogis | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  5. Little baby birds, standing on the edge of the nest flapping, flapping, flapping…thinkin’ they’re all that. Part of the process.

    The hardest (and most important) part of parenting my adult kids is shutting up when I want to join in with my OWN special kinda flappin’…

    Comment by Cherie Bell | December 30, 2008 | Reply

  6. Curt – I’m counting on it.

    Sue – so true, so true. But we have such great opinions 🙂

    Cherie – LOL, now I have a very cute word picture – you (or me) standing on an edge ‘flapping’ our special kind of flap – that makes me just laugh right out loud. Of course that is because right now I am not on the verge of giving my opinion or haven’t just given unsolicited advice that was not well received. LOL The joys…..

    Comment by Gloria | December 30, 2008 | Reply

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