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it’s a penny?

jarWhat’s the big deal about a penny?  Is it good for anything?  Lots of people have penny jars.  In fact a few years back there was a push for people to empty their penny jars and get all those pennies back into circulation.  Um,  I still have my penny jar. 

I’ve heard it said that it takes more than a penny to produce a penny.  Silly huh??

I’m old enough to remember penny candy.  (yes it was still around in the late 60’s)  It was great to go down to the neighborhood store and get a handful of candy.  Sometimes the owner would sell two piecepennys for a penny.   It was living high!!

My dad would say, upon finding one, “Ah, 99 more and I have a dollar.”   He always picked them up.

I don’t pick them up anymore.  I might stop to pick up a nickel or a dime.  For sure I’ll stoop to pick up a quarter.   On a different thought,  I love to  put my two cents into the conversation.  Old habits die hard.  (click here <- life is complicated)

 There is a new reason why I don’t pick them up anymore.  It is no longer because it isn’t worth the effort.  The penny has taken on a new meaning for me.  pennyIn God We Trust is engraved on the penny.  Now when I see a penny, I pause for a moment to  remember that God is who I trust.   It is now a huge reminder to me.  I leave it right where it is so that maybe it will be a reminder for the next person.

Just the other day I was a bit stressed.  Finances were a bit of an issue.    I generally don’t worry much about money.  We faithfully tithe 10 % of our income.  We give above and beyond that for offerings and missions support.  God has always been faithful to us.  His word tells us in Malachi to try Him and see.   We are a living testimony to God’s faithfulness. 

{On a side note -Tithing is huge.  Learning to discipline yourself and live on what is left is also huge.  A budget is very helpful to know where your money is going.  However, just having a budget isn’t any big deal.  Sticking to it takes discipline.  The benefits are worth it.}

So I didn’t even realize I was a bit stressed about it until I happen to look down and see this penny.  It was God’s love all wrapped up in a little penny.  That was all it took for me to realize first off that I was a bit apprehensive.  Secondly to lay all that down at Jesus feet and to let the peace of God flow through me. 

So a little penny is a symbol for me.  At the strangest times, in the strangest places I have found a penny staring up at me.   It brings a smile to my face and refreshes my soul. 

Where do you see pennies?  Maybe God is trying to remind you that trusting Him makes a difference

In God We Trust

til next time

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  1. God, a budget, and discipline. It brings a smile to my face. By the way, I still pick up pennies. They go in the BGMC offering!!

    Comment by Pastor Curt | December 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. “Every time it rains, it rains…pennies from Heaven!”

    Couldn’t resist.

    I still pick up pennies too…but only if they’re laying face up. Face down is bad luck…according to a gal I used to work w/in South Carolina whose name was…believe it or not…Penny.

    Comment by Cherie Bell | January 2, 2009 | Reply

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