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not another diet

“Get fit America” is coming to my town again this year.  I avoided it last year like the plague.  Just the mention of a diet, followed by stepping on the scale, will produce a guaranteed weight gain for me.

This year some of my friends started talking about forming a work group.  (This could be a draw back to working with your friends.  LOL)  Instead of waiting for the notion to pass, one of them jumped on the bandwagon.  It has now taken on momentum and some have already plunked down hard earned cash.  *sigh* – peer pressure

Being the true friend that I am I told the ‘king pin’ I would be her cheering section.  I do that real well.  That wasn’t what she had in mind.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for getting fit.  I am all for losing weight.  I know that I will feel better.  I will have more energy.  What I don’t want to happen is the aforementioned weight gain.

I am changing the way I look at food.  I have always loved to eat.  I have not always had a weight problem.  I am trying to relearn right habits and get rid of old cemented bad habits. 

Fast food has  not been my friend.  It is way to handy when you are in a rush.  Ah, there is a key for me.  Slow down, don’t fill my schedule so full that fast food seems the only option.

I have til Friday to make up my mind as to whether or not I am going to join the group.  Whether I join the group or not, I do know that getting fit is on my list of things to focus on this year. 

This is something I know God is prompting me to deal with.  Oh, if it wasn’t so hard.

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