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mall of america

The Mall of America is quite the place.  I happen to love it.  Curt happens to barely tolerate it.  That all changed this past weekend.  We were going to get to meet Chris’ girlfriend.  The problem was that she works at the Mall of America.  Really that is not a problem for me. 🙂 

We drove up Friday and dropped Chris and Andrew off.  We then went on to my sisters where I stayed the night.  Curt went on up to his moms (2 more hours) so that in the morning he could go visit his dad in the hospital even farther north.  Needless to say there was a bit of drama.

Saturday afternoon found us heading over to the Mall of America.  We knew there was a problem when it took 20 minutes to get around to the parking ramp.  What was the deal??


Here is the deal.  It was the high school and college cheer-leading/dance competition.   People people everywhere.  Now I could have found a bench and just spent hours people watching.  They even have mall cops on those little 2 wheel thingies that I thought was only in movies. 

Long ago, on opening day, I managed to get Curt to go to the Mall of America.   I got him there two other times.    However, he could only barely tolerate it before.  I may never get him to go back now.couple1  It was just crazy with people and the parking – Oy!  

I tried to get the guys to go to Lego land for old times sake.  *Sigh*   

The best part — we did get to meet Chris’ girlfriend.  First impressions – sweet.  Didn’t really have much time to chat.  They had been apart for 3 weeks and he didn’t want to share her break with mom and dad.  ??  LOL    The thing I know is that if Chris is interested then she must be pretty great.  (Here’s a picture I borrowed from him.) 

til next time


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  1. She’s got a pretty smile in that picture and is it just me, or does he look slightly less annoyed, if not even, (dare I say it), like he’s not minding having his picture taken in it too?

    Comment by LisaB | January 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Nothing has changed. I still barely tolerate the mall, but I will take you there again if you want to go next time we are in Minnesota provided we can arrange the time.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | January 14, 2009 | Reply

  3. Lisa oh you hit it on the head. LOL He doesn’t mind at all to have his picture taken with her. I have seen numerous pictures of them together and he is smiling even. Which of course I have to tease him about – I do love his smile 🙂 This one just happens to be a great shot of her looking directly at the camera.

    Curt – that’s what I was hoping for. Now I have it in writing. 🙂

    Comment by Gloria | January 14, 2009 | Reply

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