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dogs have feelings too

Our cat is thrilled.  She struts around the house.  She hasn’t ‘yelled’ at me all week.  She is one happy kitty.  See the dog is gone. 

It is has been a week since Curt took Daisy to the Humane society.  Last Wednesday was the final straw.  She had three accidents (small but none the less still messes) all in the morning.   If only one of us was home more, that would have made a big difference.  I volunteered to stay home – for the good of the dog of course 🙂  You know how far that got me.  LOL

I still find myself keeping the crusts for her and looking for her when I come in the door.  I guess I was more attached than I thought.   She is the most loving dog.   

We gave her four months.  On the one hand, four very long months.  On the other hand, only four months.   She adapted really well, that is except for that occasional one small thing.  The longest she was able to be successful was a week.  That is not long. 😦

What is the problem now?  Tonight after supper Curt told me he called the Humane society.  He wanted to tell them a couple of things he had  forgotten and to check on her.  If only they would have said that she has managed to adapt or better yet that someone is interested in her.  It’s been a week.  Yes, I am probably asking for the moon.  I just know that I sure didn’t expect the news we got.

What he was told is that she whines all the time and is not eating or drinking.   Now doesn’t that just make us feel better?  I asked him if we could go get her?  Andrew had the same exact question that I had.  

Do they even let you come and get a dog that you have dropped off?    Is that even an option?   The problem is that  we would be right back where we started.  I really hate no win situations.    

I’ve heard it said that animals do not have emotions.  Whoever said that was wrong.  Daisy misses us as much, if not more, then we miss her.   She may not understand, but she knows we have left her there and haven’t come back.  She is sad, terrified, and depressed.  Those are all emotions.  (I say depressed because I think that is the only reason I wouldn’t eat or drink for a week )

Do dogs have abandonment issues?? 

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  1. Yes, unfortunately, dogs can have abandonment issues. At least that is my belief from my own experiences with them and through the experiences of others I’ve known. That doesn’t make a person feel better, but I think sometimes that’s why God made animals like that and designed into us the ability (and in some cases the desires) to enter into the kind of relationships with them that we do. They can be the best teachers of compassion, responsibility, and forgiveness. They help us to understand the whole relationships thing better. When we feel like we can’t do anything right and can’t fathom much less trust in the ability of God, in all His perfectness, to be able to, much less CHOOSE to want to have a relationship with us, that he would actually care about us so much even when we’re failing in so many respects in what we’re sure he expects from us…if we allow Him to work through them, He can show us just exactly how and why in a very real and potent way with animals that just isn’t so easily explained.

    There are times when I’m sure we’re as dense but eager to see Him with God as our animals are to us. I mean this IS God we’re talking about. We can’t possibly wrap our minds around everything He knows and understands and does and asks of us or why. In the same way, often our pets can’t possibly wrap their minds around everything we know, understand, do, or ask of them and why. They might come to understand a very small part of it like our routines, our smells, our sounds or even that certain things we train them to do might win them attention that they want. Even Curt said how while she was there she was teaching him a new level to the concept of mercy.

    The big difference in the comparison though is that WE are NOT God and while God can take anyone in any situation and work things out to our benefit while fulfilling His will we do not have the omniscience, means, perfect skill, unending patience, or whatever else may be needed necessarily to be able to work any situation with any pet out to their benefit while fulfilling our wills.

    God can try to explain, at least to some degree to us that He’s in control and everything will be fine and can remind us that we just need to trust Him. You can’t do that so easily with an animal, especially one that has had the kind of unfortunate past that Daisy has had. You cared for her. I do not think you would not have given her up if you had thought there was anyway to remedy the situation so it would work for all.

    The plus side is the same God that hears the prayers of your heart cares for you and probably Daisy too and is more than capable of handling the situation just like He is capable of handling other situations we pray about.

    Comment by LisaB | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Lisa, good thoughts. Thank you.

    Comment by Gloria | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  3. I believe she is drinking, just not eating. There is certainly a mixed bundle of emotions and reasonings involved in this situation.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  4. ah, well that is certainly some good news

    Comment by Gloria | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Oh, sweeties. This IS so hard.

    We have a story that’s similar in some ways. A cat that Kate loved (and I did for awhile)…Yoshi…who just couldn’t get it together potty wise. It was a tough…really tough…decision. But we finally (after having new carpet installed – getting rid of her “past mistakes” and give her a fresh start – make a fresh start was exactly what she did) decided to have her put down. Knowing that any other family would have the same problem we did…not wanting her to be abused for it…and like you, trying many, many things to resolve the problem before making that hard decision. We gave her every chance; but I’m not sure Kate ever forgave us.

    IMO – pets…even though they start to feel like people/family…are still just pets. We love them. We care for them. Most of us don’t ask too much of them…but that little is very, very important. There is (should be)a limit to how much our our resources, serenity, peace, etc. we can spend on them. I’ve seen people do insane things for pets.

    I’m really sorry you guys are going through this.

    Comment by Cherie Bell | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. If God sees even a sparrow fall He knows of Daisy’s needs as well. I know it’s hard.

    Comment by Ruthie Oberg | January 15, 2009 | Reply

  7. Cherie, We did give some thought into the whole ‘putting her down’. She is just so young with lots of life and love in her. Curt was very upfront with the Humane Society. Hopefully they will be just as up front with potential owners.
    Yes, I also have seen people do crazy things when it comes to their pets. There came a limit for us – that is for sure.

    Ruthie, good thought. I know that I have learned a few things during Daisy’s stay. God does have a way of taking every day life and turning it into a learning experience.

    Comment by Gloria | January 15, 2009 | Reply

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