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trigger – not a horses name

People talk about triggers.  You know that thing that takes you back in time to another place.  It can be a smell, a song, an object, even a phrase that causes you to instantly be reminded of something.    It draws you away from the immediate situation and for a moment causes you to think of something else. 

For me, there is a smell that will take me right back to my Grandma’s house.  Now my grandma died over 28 years ago and yet when I encounter that smell I am right back in her kitchen.  That makes me smile.  I can’t tell you exactly what the smell is, but when I happen upon it, my memory wakes up.

 Triggers can be a good thing.  Sometimes it is helpful to have a diversion from the immediate situation.  If Andrew is around and sees that I am getting a bit stressed he will take an exaggerated deep breath.  It is an instant trigger that reminds me to breathe.  It then makes me think of the saying ‘the sky is blue,  grass is green and life is good!!!’

A trigger can also be a song.   It doesn’t matter where I am, when a particular song begins to play, I am reminded of a very painful time in my life.  Now the pain has been dealt with and is long gone.   God has mended and healed all of that.  Yet the song does bring back memories.  

Triggers are a way of sending us  down memory lane.  Some of  them are happy memories, and some of them aren’t.  Yet even in those unpleasant memories we can find peace and comfort in the arms of God.  Only He can and does take the unpleasant and turn it around and use if for good in our lives. 

Today’s moments will be tomorrow’s memories. 

til next time


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