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another glimpse inside the fishbowl

Isn’t there some law or commandment that says life should not just be work and sleep?  Alright so it isn’t a commandment, but I do think God talks about rest a lot in the Bible.  Psalms tells me that He leads me beside still waters.  Matthew reminds me that Jesus  bids me come to Him when I am weary and burdened.   

So here it is Wednesday night and it has already been a very long week which is coming on the heals of a busy month.  I am finding less and less time to do anything that I want to do.  Considering that on a normal week that is pretty slim, this week has been worse. 

I am struggling with the time factor and just not having enough time.  This is a huge red flag for me as I know that struggle can lead to frustration, which is not where I want to live or for that matter I don’t even want to waste valuable time and energy visiting frustration road.

I do kind of sound like I am whining.  I feel like I am whining.  Therefore I must be whining.  (so would that be deductive reasoning Curt?)  Sometimes venting is good?

This week is our big event at work.  What that means is that tomorrow I go in at 6:45 a.m and will be done at 7 something p.m.  (with no time away from the building – Praise God for close friends at my job).   Then to repeat it again on Friday (except that we will be done at 5 something)   Now this is a pretty big deal for the eye clinic, and it is for the most part fun (in a work kind of way).  However, it is still work and not recreation.  It is still something that I have to be at all day.  It will mean quite a bit of overtime – which is bitter sweet. 

I’m looking at my calendar and realizing that I really am not doing well at trimming my schedule.   It is a bigger challenge than I ever imagined.   

Tonight at church the teen age girls and I went for a “talk walk”.  On this walk I did see still waters.  The birds were singing.  It was warm out, but it was so much more than all that.  Issues were addressed.  God was at work.  All in all, it was pretty intense.  Yet it did remind me that my priorities are people.  Investing in people is where my passion is at.     Maybe another commandment should be that Pastor’s wives, must at most, work only part time outside of ministry.  

Oh, I will go to work tomorrow and God will use it for His glory somehow, someway.    He will get me through this week because He is able.    His grace is indeed sufficient.

Then it is time to sit down and take an ax to my schedule.  Hopefully I won’t hurt myself.  

til next time


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  1. Hopefully, you won’t hurt anyone else around you either!!
    May God grant us both wisdom as we look at what we do and don’t do in our lives. We are good at budgeting our money, our time can be approached in a similar fashion.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | April 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. were you thinking about you by chance?? LOL With money it really doesn’t involve other people so it is just up to us. Schedules, on the other hand, involve others. Hmmm want to move to a remote island?
    Dr asked me if I was bored today? I said I haven’t been bored since around 2nd grade — that may have been a slight exaggeration but at least not since freshman year of high school for sure.

    Comment by Gloria | April 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. Oh, sweetie. I’m thinking about you today and saying prayers!

    I think that time IS a lot time money, there is only so much of either to spend. And we tend to judge the value of each by what we “get” for it.

    And it’s so stinking hard to stay in the truth about either one.

    If we had more money…would we spend it to “buy” more time?

    If we had more time…would we spend it to “buy” more money?

    Which brings me back to the old question…how much of each do we *think* we really NEED? (which is a very different question than how much do we ACTUALLY need).

    This reminds me of something I read today about humility…and how pride makes us think we can handle things we can’t…or actually DO (seemingly GOOD) things we shouldn’t.

    A paraphrase of St. Benedict’s writing on humility:

    Humility requires continual reverent mindfulness of God. Being watchful over our behavior and our inner thoughts, we desire to live in harmony with God’s will.

    I’m thinking, for myself anyway, pride…like when I start thinking I’m irreplaceable or indispensible…is sorta like a “gateway drug” – it opens me up to all kinds of sin and distress.

    Not that this is YOUR problem…I’m just talkin’ about ME! 🙂

    Comment by Cherie Bell | April 18, 2009 | Reply

  4. I need to edit my comment for clarity and punctuation.

    Dang it.

    Comment by Cherie Bell | April 18, 2009 | Reply

  5. Cherie I miss you!!!
    Life is certainly not dull. Went with the youth group to the Mercy Me concert last night. What a great way to end a really crazy week. I told Steve that I was going to be a youth for the night. Yup I surely was. (Hey though, I saw CeJae actually laughing right out loud – haven’t seen that in a long time) It was —— can’t even put it into words. Will be blogging about it someday. Wow am just so glad that I didn’t ax that from my schedule 🙂
    Oh and the edit comment was priceless 🙂 I’d edit it for you but oh wouldn’t that be a hoot!!! love you hon

    Comment by Gloria | April 19, 2009 | Reply

  6. I miss you, too. 😦

    Comment by Cherie Bell | April 20, 2009 | Reply

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