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lost to find them?

Everyone has been lost at some time or another.  Many people are directionally challenged and get lost more than others.  It can be extremely frustrating or you can rest in the knowledge that things are not always how they appear to be.  Sometimes getting lost is really a good thing.

On  Saturday three cars head out to the Mercy Me Rock and Worship roadshow.  It is over an hour away.    When we arrive, people are swarming everywhere.  Where do we park?  We  did find a spot.  However, our vehicle got separated from the other two.  Really not a problem as this is the age of cell phones.

Mercy Me is doing something a bit different.  They hope to not even charge for tickets next year.  This year it was just $10.00 for four bands.  You can imagine the number of people.

We made it inside before it started, butconcert-017 seating was pretty much not an option.  We did not want to sit concert-0031behind the stage so we opted to stand for the entire concert.  It was over three hours long.   That’s a lot of standing.  However, it does make the amount of standing during our church worship time certainly seem short. 

Tenth Ave North was great.  concert-018Sanctus Real sang my current most favorite song –“Whatever You’re doing”.   Then Hawk Nelson came on (sorry no pic).  Ok, so they had an concert-0011impressive light show but they did way too much screaming for me.  It was kind of a sad thought.  Have I really reached the age where music can be too loud??  *heavy sigh* 

concert-021Mercy Me was well worth the wait and all the standing.  It wasn’t just a performance.  They shared Jesus with all of us.

By the time the concert is over we are hungry.  We opt to get back on the Hwy and head to an exit away from the arena to eat.  Curt is driving our van and he is very good with directions.  Even so, we do miss the first turn.  No problem, there is another one up ahead that will get us onto the road  we want. 

Next thing we know, we are in fact lost.  We are heading out of town on a sidconcert-031e road going who knows where.  It is quite dark.  Where are the street lights?  We turn around and head back to the Casey’s we had passed.  Who should just ‘happen’ to be there?    We couldn’t have planned that if we had tried.  We had in fact  planned to meet at a restaurant.  However, God knew that wasn’t going to work.  Here we all are at the Casey’s.

So that explains it to me.  We got lost to find them.

Now armed with new directions we start off.  Take a right, then a left, one more left — oops something isn’t quite right.  This time we are all together so it really doesn’t matter that no one knows for sure where we are.  Praise God for cell phones.

Do you know what is more challenging than a back seat driver?  A front seat driver from another car. 

It was extremely humorous to  watch and hear Steve give Lance (who is riding with Terrence in the lead car) directions.  Then there was the hand motions for Julie (the middle vehicle) who couldn’t possibly see them.  Laughter is wonderful.

concert-037We get to Taco Bells by first stopping at Sonic.  It is an adventure. tjs4 This mild sauce wrapper pretty much sums it up.  

What a great way to end a very long week.   I think I see more concerts in my future. 


concert-038concert-039 til next time


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  1. It sounds like quite an adventure–fun times I am sure.

    Comment by Slamdunk | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  2. great read good job

    Comment by ISNA | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. We were not lost. I knew where WE were, I just couldn’t find the on ramp.

    We can go to all the $10 concerts that come our way and that fit our schedule.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | April 23, 2009 | Reply

  4. Ok Curt so technically you knew what city we were in and certainly what state we were in but …. the on ramp was no where to be found. 🙂 However, you are certainly allowed your interpretation — LOL
    Yes, we did eventually find the resturant and personally I prefer getting off the beaten path and blazing our own trail.(except for maybe that one really dark area) It was an adventure!!
    I’m thinking the next one should be tickets to a symphony orchestra — you know for a change of pace.

    Comment by Gloria | April 23, 2009 | Reply

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