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what if…. are you a player?

What if…….?

Ah the game of what if.  Many people play it.  People worry about all kinds of different things.  Health, family, and finances are the big three.   A lot of wasted energy is used in worrying.

Worry will rob me of living today to the fullest.  Worry will hinder my from trying new things.  Worry stunts my growth. 

My mom, for the first 80 years of her life, wouldn’t dare think of getting on an airplane.  What if it crashed?  Then 9/11 happened and I thought that had settled it for good.  We would never get her in an airplane.   My siblings and I had been trying for years to get her to fly to Florida to visit my brother and his family.  Worry of all that could go wrong was the thing that was stopping her.

She has now flown four times.  She loves the window seat.  God has proven so faithful to her.  She has a story of His intervention each trip. 

Faith silences worry.  As I  have grown in God, my worrying  pretty much has diminished.   I truly believe God is in control so then what is there to worry about?  Nothing takes God by surprise.  He may allow situations that are tough, to come my way.  However, He will turn it around.  He will make a way.  Not only is He able, but He is willing to help.  He is Jehovah Jireh – my provider.  My life is in His hands. 

Sometimes, for a moment, I can get caught up in the old habit of what if…..  My focus will have sifted to the storm and not the one who calms the storm.  Ah, but God is so good.  He gets my attention and once again worry disappears.

I have changed the rules of the what if game.  Here is my list of what if questions.

What if today I look at people through the eyes of love (God’s love)?

What if today I let my words be gentle?

What if today I overlook that comment?

What if today my attitude is “I get to go to work today“?

What if today I look for opportunities to be a blessing to someone?

What if today I do what I can to walk in peace with those I encounter?

What if today I choose to trust God completely?

What if today I walk in the freedom Christ has given me?

What if today I walk in the power of the Holy Spirit?

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  1. Worry is the opposite of trust.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | June 9, 2009 | Reply

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