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I love the board game Aggravation, but that is where my love for aggravation stops.  I am not a fan of emotional aggravation.  { aggravation — the source of continuing, increasing irritation or source of trouble}

 I prefer my life to be free of drama.  I much prefer to get along with people and I give it my best shot – most of the time.  Over the years I have learned the value of giving a person leeway and extending mercy and grace.  

Overlooking a comment or an action has been a great tool in maintaining my own peace and harmony.  Just because someone is ugly does not mean that I must get ugly back.  Nowhere does it say that one must take things personally.  Maybe the person is just having a really bad day and I am in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

“Like water off a ducks back, Gloria.  Let it slide.”  (wise words from my daddy.)

Where I get tripped up is when people become arrogant or refuse to acknowledge their role in a given situation.  Then aggravation tends to set in.   Even then, usually it doesn’t last long. 

So this recent development that I  found myself in had me wondering what I needed to learn from this?  It also had me wondering what my role should be in this mess.  With each phone call the aggravation grew.

Why is it that my son (Andrew) who went off to a seculiar college  (which I might add was extremely less expensive) had more cooperation from the registrar, financial aide office, academic dean’s office, etc. than my other son who is attending the very christian university that Curt and I graduated from?

I have fond memories of my years at college.  Yet, I also have memories of the ‘games’ that were played.  The politics that went on almost succeeded in my leaving there at the end of my junior year. 

So is it really a surprise, that as my son now faces the beginning of his senior year, that he should be facing issues that have him thinking about quitting?  Surprised?  no   —  Saddened?  yes

I would have thought we would have had more problems with Andrew’s college as he was dealing with two different colleges – one he attended and one that handled the financial aspects so he didn’t have to pay out of state  tuition.  Yet whenever a problem arose (and that just seems to happen with college) the people we dealt with were helpful and truly wanted to resolve the issues.  They accepted responsibility for their mistakes and they helped us fix any that we had made. 

I guess I expect more from a Christian university than a secular college.   

While leading worship Sunday, God clearly showed me the ‘sin’ of my aggravation.  I had been justifying my ‘right’ to hold onto my aggravation.  After all, it wasn’t right what was going on.  It was made even worse in my eyes because this was people in leadership that my son was to look to as examples but instead  were causing all this grief.  However, my getting all aggravated didn’t make it better.  It certainly didn’t make it right.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

So I did what I should have done in the first place.  I turned the whole mess over to God.  I gave Him my frustration, aggravation and irritation. 

Then an amazing thing happened.  The idea came to Curt to call our district superintendent and also an old college buddy of Curt’s that currently works at the college.   How much clearer things become when we let go and let God direct. 

Curt’s friend had a long meeting with Chris.  Chris left that meeting encouraged.  He was not just a number anymore.  Now this gentlemen is my idea of a godly leader.  His sincerity came through loud and clear to my son.    This was no easy feat due to all that Chris has been through. 

Oh it’s college and I suspect there will be more headaches but what a difference it makes when someone cares – when someone listens – when someone seeks to get into the solution with you.

For me it was also a reminder that there are many people who are doing a great job.  Don’t waste time focusing on those who aren’t.

til next time


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