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r v having fun yet?

r v having fun yet?  This was the line sent with a picture of our RV being towed with Brent’s van.   Curt had just picked it up from the shop.  I wish that I could get the picture to download from my phone.    It is somewhere in cyber space.

 Last night, for the first time, Curt drove the RV around the loop and didn’t find himself and Brent stranded.  They wanted Sue and I to go with them.  Brent was confident that there would be no problem. 

We had heard that line before – actually many times.  My favorite story so far – is when the three of them (Curt, Brent, and Brian) thought that they had fixed the problems and were going to take it on another test run.  I should mention here that every previous run had ended in being towed or stranded for a bit. 

Sure enough, I get a call from Curt -the RV has stalled.  The problem?  They were all three in it and no one had thought to follow in a dependable car.  When I asked why no one followed in the car??  The response given was that they all wanted to ride in the RV.  Hmmm, just like a kid?  We still laugh about that.  Ok so maybe I still laugh about that. 

This time Sue and I follow in the car.  This time there is no problem.  This time we celebrated with ice cream.

r v having fun yet?  One thing I can say for sure about this RV is that it now has a long history and we haven’t even taken it camping yet.

til next time


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  1. OK, so we were a bit optimistic…

    Comment by Pastor Curt | July 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. optimism is a good thing.

    Comment by Gloria | July 9, 2009 | Reply

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