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living life on the fast track

So sometimes it seems like life is similar to a snow ball that starts at the top of a great big hill and then begins to journey downward.  It gains speed and gets bigger as it rolls downward.  The bigger it gets, there just seems to be no stopping it. 

Vacations are a great way to put the brakes on that giant tangled snowball.

Ah, but making it until vacation can be tough.

Then there is the anticipation  that can derail a perfectly good vacation.  Did you know that one’s  expectation can easily reach beyond the scoop of reality.   For that matter just the reduction of stress can cause a whole host of new problems. 

However, long about the end of January I began talking with Curt about getting away.  Between the whole menopausal issues and just plain too stinking busy I wanted a get a way. 

Oh I got one – Curt’s father died and we spent a week a way.  Be careful what you say.  I wanted a break not a stress induced coma!  Praise God that He is there to help. (I did some blogging on that – check it out by clicking here)

Two weeks ago (one weekend before vacation) we find ourselves headed to a little blip in northern MN for the burial of Curt’s dad’s ashes.  The cemetery is connected with the church (which is literally in the middle of nowhere) and they don’t do digging in the winter – thus  the trip in the summer. 

It was truly beautiful country.  We certainly saw a lot of it.  We were in the van for 25 hours in less than a 72 hour time frame.  There were times that we really really wanted to be done driving.

We packed as much as possible in what few hours we weren’t riding in the van.  Friday night we had supper with Chris, Galina,  my sister, her family, and  my mom.


The high light was getting to spend Friday night at Chris’ apartment.  We picked up a  movie at Red box.  I promptly fell asleep.  It was just like home.  I loved it.   Here is Chris and Galina in his apartment.

               chris apartment

Curt and I had a few short moments to take in the beauty of the northern woods.  Curt did the grave site service.  I am so very proud of him.

We all took a trip to the old home place.  It was really neat to traipse around – that is until Kristen found a tick on me.  Yup I was so done 😛  What was I thinking?  The grass was knee high and perfect for ticks.  Found another one on my leg as we were leaving.  Oh I hate ticks!

Here is Grandma and grand kids in front of the farmstead.


On the return trip home we picked up Galina and had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with her family.  The first of many lunches I am sure 🙂

It was a very full weekend!

Then it was work one more week during the day and go hither thither and yon each evening.   Our life as a ministry family has certainly never been boring. 

At last it was vacation time.  More on that week later – I’ll just say for now that it was great!! 

We got home from vacation on Saturday and as all Pastor families know – Sunday is the busiest day of the week.  I do think that next year I will try to not plan the church picnic on the Sunday we get back.  🙂  Although it was a very relaxing time.  It’s just that I am not unpacked nor ready for work tomorrow.  Life rolls on……

life on the fast track — have to remind myself that life is really about the journey 

til next time


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  1. We were able to spend some time with my family, your family, and were able to meet Galina’s family, all in that three day weekend. It was good, but I am glad that our vacation was not packed with that much activity!!

    Comment by Pastor Curt | August 3, 2009 | Reply

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