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testing for 2nd degree black belt

Just what is involved in testing for your 2nd degreIt's about to begine black belt?  Way more than I imagined.  Last Saturday found Curt and I at the local Do jang.  I found myself wondering again why it is that they don’t have air conditioning in this building?  Andrew says you get a better work out with it being hot in there.  Ewww!   Here he is ready to begin. 


They did a ton of kicks.  I was exhausted just watching them.  Never mind the fact that it was so hot, their work out was gruelling. 

board breaking



I haven’t quite got the timing down with my camera but I sure got a great picture of the intensity of the moment.  (about a second to soon) I would have liked a picture of the actual break.

One of the guys gave him his broken boards to keep. 


Here is one step sparring —

There is a lot to remember.  At this particular testing he had to do 8 forms.  That doesn’t include all the ‘one steps’ and ‘kicks’  they had to do.  Then there was  the ‘one step sparring’  and the ‘free sparring’.  Finally, they were at board breaking.  Just when they thought they were done, the instructor tells them to do their highest form one more time.  

Here it is — I don’t think there was a section on any of them that wasn’t wet. 

Then it was all over but the questioning.  Andrew says sometimes this can be the hardest part.  Meanings, definitions, history — you never know what the judges will ask.

With his 2nd degree black belt Andrew will be higher in rank than his father.    Even though Andrew is an instructor, if he isn’t leading, then he would have to line up behind his dad.   Curt had received his black belt first. However, now Curt will have to bow to him and line up after him. 

Great job Andrew!!!

til next time


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  1. He has worked hard and deserves this promotion.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | August 12, 2009 | Reply

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