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relax? there’s work to be done

The other day I took a 2 back yard 09 much needed break and went outside with a book.  I love my swing. 

The problem is once I am out there a short while I begin to notice the abundance of  weeds that could use my attention.

 I do love to play in the dirt.  I find it satisfying when I have a mound of weeds to gather up, but there are times I just want to swing.   Yet it is hard for me to relax when there is work to be done.  I have found that I am spending less and less time swinging. 

When I was a kid growing up I watched my mom come home from work and then proceed to work around the house until going to bed.   I attribute my love for eating out to the fact that when mom, dad, and I would go out to eat there was no work that needed to be done.  It was down time.  Otherwise, at home, when all the work was done then and only then would she sit down. 

I was determined to not do that to my children. It wasn’t easy though.  The condition of my house would stress me out more than it should have.  Yet I would be sure to schedule in bike rides, going to the park, playing games, doing things together.  They had my attention.   

Since the boys graduated I have noticed a change.  I seem to have morphed into my mother.  I can’t remember the last time I rode my bike.  (I happen to love to bike ride).   Curt helps around the house or I would really have a problem. 

It seems that my to do list is always screaming for my attention.  Learning to be able to ignore things must be an art that I have not mastered.   Truth is there is always work that can be done but that doesn’t mean it must be done right now.gloves I say that but my upbringing wins out almost everytime.

Maybe I should move the gloves?  I noticed after I took the picture that my yard gloves are right in my line of vision when I sit on the swing.

Now some people may need to have reminders right in front of them.  For some it is too easy to ignore things that should be done.  That is not the area that I struggle in.

Taking some down time each day is my goal.  Learning to be able to be in my house and stop working is harder than it sounds.  This may be why on our day off you won’t find us at home. 

til next time


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  1. balance, balance, balance…

    Or is it spinning plates?

    Comment by Pastor Curt | August 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. Spinning plates. Definitely spinning plates.

    Which “hand” speaks louder? The satisfaction of having gotten a job done paired with the command to be diligent, the peace of mind knowing it can be put out of mind, knowing it’s one more example to support that you may be a good example for others who may be observing, combined with the satisfaction from one more thing crossed off the mental or literal list (on the one hand) or (on the other hand) the inevitable whining and negative emotions that come with the whining which comes from a job NOT being done, the societal pressures that feed one’s vanity that insist “you have no pride where you SHOULD have pride” if the job’s not done, and accusations that the momentary idleness equates with laziness (which may or may not be true depending on the circumstance) and knowing it’s still there lurking, threatening to become an even bigger, uglier job the longer it goes undone but paired with the insistance that one must take care of oneself which actually includes rest despite the constant comparison games that get thrust upon the person be it by others or by their own self criticisms that they have it “too easy” if/when they actually get to take the opportunity to rest and the idea that you SHOULD have just as much right as any other to let things go occassionally in order to try to take the rest (or swing time)? Seems to me both hands tend to scream pretty loudly so is it any wonder when people can have a hard time “resting” at home?

    Comment by LisaB | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. *heavy sigh* I really really didn’t want to pass this trait on to my children. But truth be told they both have very driven personalities and work way too hard and take on way more than they should. But – and this is a very grateful but — they both have mastered the art of kicking back and taking down time and keeping rest in their schedules. I only hope that it continues once they have established their life after college.
    As for me,well, my swing is waiting – I just need to make it a priority 😦

    Comment by Gloria | September 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. I just happen to think – I wonder if that is one reason Jesus went AWAY by himself to pray?? When things get intense and situations scream for our attention — it is helpful to get away. hmm, maybe??

    Comment by Gloria | September 2, 2009 | Reply

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