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Gloria’s take on life.

just another day

What do all of these things have in common?

Venom spewed from an angry man while working the front desk at work  (Yet another reason why I like working in my office in the basement)  :{

Rushing, rushing, rushing :{

Pontoon ride with friends :}

Beautiful sunset :}

Camping at my favorite spot  :}

Tired, so tired  :{

Trip to the ER  – all is well  (sorta)  :{

Back to the camper – too tired for a campfire :{

Bathroom floor soggy :{

Crawl space sleeping :{

The sound of a gentle rain on the camper roof  :}

The sound of dripping  :{

The sound of  a dripping ‘duet’ :{

Uh oh a trio is starting to ‘sing’  :{

Not to be left out, the 4th drip joins in making it a ‘quartet’  :{

Gas has leaked out of the tank – no breakfast indoors :{

Downpour  outside – no campfire breakfast :{

The common thread is that it all happened in less than a day. 

Some days there are just more :{ than there are :}

I guess I love the idea of camping.  Home away from home with a peaceful stream outside my door.  Away from the mountain of things needing my attention.  I was really looking for a diversion from the latest news about mom.  A couple days sitting by the water with my honey, my fishing pole, a good book, and nothing on the agenda — yes that sounded wonderful.

However, things don’t always go as planned.

Did you know that water can bounce over eight inches up in the air and travel a good foot?  I didn’t, but I know it can now.    I couldn’t find a container deep enough to keep the drips from splattering.

We’re done.  So we pack up early and head for home.  :{ 

This was not the plan we had for this RV.  It was meant to be a blessing.  The lady who bought it was told it needed a tune up, tires, and a battery.    That is the problem that comes with repairing things.   You spend the money to fix what you think is the problem.  This then reveals another problem and so forth.   At what point do you say enough?  The more money you invest the more you don’t want to quit and eat your losses. 

I am following Curt home when I see tire tread go flying through the air.  Sure enough the right front tire tread has ripped clean off.  Yet, there is still air in the tire.  We are 3 -5 miles from home.  Do we call the tow truck?  Do we try to drive it home?  Neither one of us wants to wait for the tow truck.  It’s been a gruelling day.  We are going to try it.  We do manage to get the RV back home.  :}

I have now got Curt talked into getting a fire pit for the backyard.  That will be my home away from home.  Sure there isn’t any peaceful river flowing nearby but …….

til next time


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  1. There may not be a stream, but we can have hot dogs and marshmellows!

    Comment by Pastor Curt | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. yes and I can’t wait, how about tomorrow night after church?

    Comment by Gloria | September 29, 2009 | Reply

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