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empty nest

The water is stirring in my fishbowl again.

When the count down was 80 something I didn’t let it faze me.  When the count was 50 something I was still in denial.  30 something started to get my attention, yet I still managed to push the thoughts to the far corner of my mind.

The count is now less than two weeks – 12 days to be exact.  We have started the “what do you want to do before you move”  list.  We have crossed off Pizza Ranch, Golden Coral, Pizza and a movie night at home, and going out to a movie.  We still have Dynasty buffet, 2nd degree black belt presentation, grocery shopping (of course I am sending food with him and food for his brother) and I’m sure there is more on his list that I am forgetting. 

Hmm, kind of funny how much revolves around food.

This is the next step in Andrew’s journey.  He is beyond ready for it, me not so much.  However, God helped me through Chris’ first apartment   (by the way Chris has not been home since May) and I know He will see me through this. 

It is a bit daunting though.  Just what is it I am going to be when I ‘grow up’?  What are Curt and I going to do with that big house?  We’ve spent the last 3 years working around Andrew’s schedule so that we could carve out time for the three of us.  What will we do now?   God knows that I am going to miss that boy terribly!  Yet another part of me is so very excited for him and the whole world that is out there.  The possibilities are endless. 

I do wonder at the timing though.  Maybe that is why some call it the mid-life crisis – kids move out, body changing, and parents ailing all at the same time.  Yet the key factor to not forget is that God is still on the throne and He is very much a present help in trouble.  I am grateful for the peace that comes in trusting Him.  I am grateful that I know my kids are in the palm of His hand.

til next time


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  1. I have a few guesses as to the “what will I do?” questions.
    I don’t know for sure, obviously, but I’ve a few guesses.

    1. You’ll miss him/them terribly and call/txt/post on their facebook way too much for the first while. Which will eventually come to feel like you’re just calling somebody across town as opposed to in another state. (At least ’til things start happening that are picture worthy and then you’ll be agrivated that they won’t get on the ball and post the pictures already!)

    2. You’ll begin to rediscover some of the things you might not have realized you’d been putting off out of concern/consideration for the kids (like maybe on those rare chances when you find yourselves both home, daring to reconnect with a few marital-related extra curricular activities…nobody has to know about them and they can be as innocent as a little quiet time, private and personal small talk to…well, we don’t want to go there. That’s between you guys and nobody wants the mental visuals!No offense intended.)

    3.The space will probably stay just as as it is for a while until you guys realize you’d really like to have an added storage room, a new office, an exercise room, a scrapbooking room, and/or whatever other type “room” you suddenly decide that space would be perfect for.

    4. You might suddenly decide you really need another dog that will get spoiled more rotten than you ever thought you would do for a dog and the boys will get jealous which will humor you immensely as you use the situation to your advantage to test just how jealous in an attempt to bring them home to visit more often.

    5. Chris IS engaged now. You may need a boys’ space for when they visit and a spoil-the-grandbaby space when the time comes for that.

    6. You might suddenly start remembering all those things of interest that you’ve wanted to try sometime that kept getting pushed off because the boys might’ve had no interest in it.

    7. You’ll probably get way too many groceries for a while and be amazed by how long they last now and more things will probably sneak in that you hadn’t noticed you were phasing out because the boys didn’t like it or something.

    8. You’ll probably find yourself surprised by what you start getting credit for from the boys and worry too much over what might end up in that list.

    9. The odd sounds, smells, sites that you’re used to associating with them even though you might not realize you associate them with them will probably take on a whole new meaning.

    10. You’ll probably miss your boys, love some new found freedom, and might wonder what just happened when God suddenly answers all the “What am I going to do?” questions for you in a way that you never would’ve thought of and totally didn’t see coming.

    That’s just some guesses as to what might happen. I haven’t even been able to be a nester yet so it could be interesting to learn which of those I end up being right on.

    Comment by LisaB | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. We will get through the changes together. It is an exciting time in the boys’ lives.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. one thing is pretty sure — i will be blogging my way through it 🙂

    Comment by Gloria | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  4. I feel your pain.

    The toughest thing for me was the fear of how our family would be different…that somehow the intimacy would dissapate over time and distance.

    “Our family will never be the same again.” That was the phrase that kept going through my brain like that song you can’t get out of your head.

    But like you, I was SO happy that they were making their way…it’s what we raised them to do, after all.

    And the hope that life would be somehow become simpler and easier afterwards died HARD.

    BUT…you are right. W/all that changing…God is still there, still willing to help me when I ask. Still loving and protecting us all in spite of our silly human selves.

    Love you, sweetie. Keeping you in my prayers.

    Comment by Cherie Bell | October 1, 2009 | Reply

  5. What?? life won’t be simple and easy???? what?? LOL Glad that wasn’t one of my expectations — although I probably will have other expectations (known and unknown) that will die hard. 😦
    Thanks for the prayers Cherie — I need ’em

    Comment by Gloria | October 1, 2009 | Reply

  6. […] with all that, our son and daughter (in law)  moved in with us in December.  We are no longer empty nesters.    Our other son is in college.  Yes our life is full.  There is a to do list that seems to be a […]

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