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first impressions can be wrong

Just how important is a first impression? 

For the most part I think I pick up on things and read people’s body language, tone, etc pretty well.  Yet I don’t put a lot of stock in first impressions anymore.  Don’t judge a book by its cover can apply quite nicely to people also.   First impressions can lead to wrong impressions.

24 years ago I was a deli supervisor at the college I had just graduated from.  I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life.    A few months earlier my doctor had told me to change jobs, get insurance and then set up my surgery to have my tonsils removed.   This job came along complete with health benefits.  It also  fit my budget and social calendar quite nicely.     I was in no hurry to do anything else.

Then this guy started coming in to the deli.  Oh he had my attention alright.  I would tell my friends that I just didn’t know what I had done to him.  He seemed to be mad at me. 

One day he stopped in later than normal.   He actually spoke to me.  I was a bit shocked.  (check out his side of the story here).  Then he left.

While I was still mulling over what had changed, he shows up again.  The next thing I know I  have a date for that night.  My friends were more than a bit concerned.  He was just getting out of the Marine Corp.  I knew nothing about him.

One of my friends thought she should really go with.  There were no cell phones back in the day and she had watched one to many abduction movies.  She gave me the low down on what to expect from a Marine.  She was pretty funny.  I reminded her that I was a big girl and could take care of myself.

This guy continued to amaze me.  My first impressions were all wrong.  It was the Marine Corp facial expression that had tripped me up.  He wasn’t angry at all.  I had not been treated with such chivalry before.    Who was this guy? 

As we talked later that night, he mentioned that since he had just gotten out of the corp he was going to date at least five girls before getting serious with anyone.  I was totally ok with that.   (less than 7 months later we were married)

Looking back now, a couple of things are real evident.   He is a guy who makes a plan, follows that plan and accomplishes the mission.  I am the girl who can cause the guy to deviate from the plan when it is in his best interest.   He never did date those other four girls. 

The Bible says that a wife is to submit to her husband.   I knew that I would marry Curt the night he wanted to introduce me to his youth group and I did not want to do that.  In the past if I didn’t want to do something – I didn’t.  Yet here I found myself submitting to his leadership and allowing him to take me out of my comfort zone in a huge way.    Who was this guy?

I have often told people that when the  husband  loves his wife like Christ loves the church it is not a struggle to submit.   

Oh, by the way,  I never did have my tonsils out.  Personally I think it was God’s way of getting me to where I needed to be.  He does work in mysterious ways.

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  1. God knows exactly what He is doing, even if we don’t.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | January 29, 2010 | Reply

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