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heading down the highway

Last week Curt and I hopped on the bike and headed south.  We weren’t sure where exactly we would end up, how far south we would go,  or what the weather was going to do.  We just knew that we were going. 

We did have reservations for the last night – close to home.  (Thanks to our church family and the overnight accommodations for Pastor’s wife appreciation!!) 

Earlier in the month I didn’t think we were going to take this trip.  We had planned it for months but then we moved mom down to an assisted living place in town and it was iffy as to whether we were going.  Life was already way to full and then let’s just add mom to the mix.  Oh, I love having her close but it does come with a price.

 However, it became really apparent to me that a break was  needed.  Something is just wrong when the pastor’s wife/pastor wants to ‘slap’ somebody.  

I normally can tolerate an enormous amount of other people’s ‘junk’ – (misbehavior, pettiness, selfishness, rudeness, ugliness — you get my drift?)  Really it doesn’t wear on me like it does some (most) people.   I have been blessed with a gift from God that I don’t take for granted.  Grace and Mercy are normally quite evident in my dealings with others.  I really do care about the people who come across my path and I do want to help them.  When I realized that this was changing, I knew it was time to get away and regroup.  

In the past we have always headed north up the Great River Road.  This time we went south. 

The Mississippi was breathtaking.   It was/is the best therapy. 

Mile after mile of beauty. Even when the river wasn’t close, the scenery was still great.  Nothing like wide open spaces and sunshine.  Yes, we did get rained on too.  What’s a motorcycle trip without some rain??

 Lots of little towns along the way.  We tried to follow the Great River Road but ran into a few road blocks and it wasn’t always well-marked.  However, when you don’t have a destination, then it is all good. 

We went as far south as Hannibal MO.  We took time to explore the Mark Twain caves.  Not only was it wonderfully cool in there but it was well worth the time and money.

It does make me want to read the book again. 

We stopped at Sturgis  on the River.  All I can say is –Wow!  

While there I got invited to become a part of the Roller Derby.  What a crack up!  Me?? A roller derby babe. 

It is a particularly scary feeling to be on a motorcycle while the town’s weather sirens are going off.  This happened not once but twice to us on this trip.  Both times we almost made it without getting wet.  If it wouldn’t have been for those red lights……….

It was nothing for the day to start out beautiful, temperatures to reach 90’s and then rain to roll in.

Ah, but here is Curt waiting for me so that we can head home –  another gorgeous morning. 

Yes, I do think I was born to ride. 

til next time


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  1. It was a great trip, even the part where we got caught in the rain.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | June 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. It was an adventure!!

    Comment by Gloria | July 8, 2010 | Reply

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