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less is more-more is less

I had the Today show on this morning as I was getting ready for work when this story caught my attention.  A couple went from a two bedroom apartment to an apartment with only 400 square feet.  They took downsizing to a whole new level. 

They limited themselves to 100 personal items.    I have over 100 items in my living room alone.  For that matter I have over 20 items just on my computer desk – not counting the computer, monitor, or printer.    

This couple  went from a car to a bicycle.   No more car payments.  We haven’t had a car payment in the 24 years that we have been married.  Again I am grateful for such a wonderful budgeteer and for the grace of God in providing us with dependable transportation that we could afford. 

They got rid of their t.v.  O.k. not a big deal.  Curt and I got rid of all but one t.v. awhile back.  

Dishes – they  have a place setting of  four.  Four????  I have 12 large plates in my cupboard not to mention medium and small.   Then there is the china – my china, Curt’s china and my mother’s china.   Don’t even ask how many coffee cups.  Wow, I have a lot of dishes.  Maybe I should start there.


Maybe now would be the time to clean out my closet. 

She opened her closet for all to see.  I would never let my closet be filmed.  Of course she had only a handful of  clothes in there – lots of room.

Why is it that I can have a closet crammed full of clothes but only wear about 10 pieces?  Why is it that no matter how determined I get I can’t seem to toss out the pieces I haven’t worn in a long time.  It’s that old “I might want to wear it” or “Oh I really like this. I can’t get rid of it.”  Yet if I really liked it then wouldn’t I wear it?   Less would mean having more space.  More is certainly less room in my closet.  

It’s been awhile since I started reducing my shoe collection.  I have made great strides.  I still have more pairs than any one person should have.   Yet I am seeing the number go down.  There is progress.

Now to go tackle my closet or maybe my cupboard.

til next time


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  1. Maybe we should start by selecting one item a day to let go?

    Comment by Pastor Curt | August 12, 2010 | Reply

    • great idea — you first 🙂

      Comment by Gloria | August 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] has been over a year since I started to de-clutter.  (click here to read how it started)  The unthinkable has finally […]

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