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Most of us have had experiences where we were in the right place at just the right time.  For me it was having the right conversation with the right person.

Some people call these moments coincidences.   I don’t.  I believe that God orchestrates these chance meetings/conversations.  He is either in control or He isn’t.  I believe He is!

Last night I was talking with a friend.  She was telling me about the problems she had with her inner ear awhile back.  She said that she couldn’t bend over without having the room begin to spin.  The doctor said it had something to do with her inner ear and gave her exercises to do that would counteract this.

The workings of our inner ear is really quite remarkable.  Such a small area but so vital to balance and our ability to hear.  It also houses the smallest bone in our body – the stirrup.  (If I remember correctly.)

I digress.

This morning I get up to go to work.  To say I was nervous would put it mildly.  I didn’t want a repeat of last week.  There was no guarantee.  (You can read about that challenging day by clicking here.)

Yes, I had been talking to God about it.  A lot, in fact.

Me talking — God silent.

Me listening — God silent.

Still nervous (such a better word than afraid, right?).

Sometimes you just have to do it afraid.

As I am going around opening up shop I am wondering if any moment now it will strike.   Dumb, I know but trying to stay in the truth.

Then the realization  sets in.  My conversation with Joan floods my mind and the light bulb is on.  Yes, God had spoken.  He wasn’t silent.  He had used my friend.

Bending my head over is causing things to be stirred up inside my inner ear.   This sets off a chain reaction that ends in disaster.  I can pin point each instance with a previous head bent over occurrence.

Waa Laa!!

So today I did not use the hand vacuum.  I did not bend my head down.  I did not have an episode.

More importantly, I feel empowered.  Knowledge is powerful.  Thank you God!!

Oh, I still believe that God could instantly heal me or He could continue to use doctors.  Until the healing is complete, He is walking it out with me.

til next time


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  1. Knowledge is power.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | January 28, 2011 | Reply

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