Living Life in a Fish Bowl!

Gloria’s take on life.


Time is a precious commodity.  Everyone has the same amount.  No one gets more than 24 hours in a day or can add a day to their week.   We choose how full we will cram our days.  We choose where/if  God fits into our day.

Quite awhile back I made the life changing decision that I was no longer going to rush.  I wanted off the merry-go-round of  craziness that comes with constant rushing.


Moments — that’s what we get.  Life changes all the time and I can choose to embrace the moment and really be in the moment or I can endure the moment as I think about what the next thing is I have to do.

The wonder of now

It is so easy for me to fall asleep shortly after sitting down to watch a movie with the family.   It doesn’t matter how much  I really want to see it.

I wonder how much of my life I am sleeping through.   How many moments do I just want to get through so I can get on to the next thing?  (i.e. waiting for 5:00 so that part of my work day is over or how about this common question —  Is it Friday yet?)

There is a lot of talk about ‘living in the moment’.   I don’t want to just go through the motions of this day or any day.

Sometimes the school of hard knocks can take the wind out of a person’s sail.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to!    Today is a new day with the potential to be an amazing day.  We each will choose whether or not we will make the most of the moments we are given.

Life is not an emergency —- It is an adventure!

Lord, help me to remember that nothing will happen today that You and I can’t handle.

til next time.


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  1. It is a brand new day! Same old husband:)

    Comment by Pastor Curt | March 7, 2011 | Reply

    • Just the way I like it!

      Comment by Gloria | March 7, 2011 | Reply

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