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together we praise

Have you ever wondered – why should I go to church?  Maybe your kids have said “Do I have to go to church?”  or maybe you have even said that.  The enemy of your soul will try anything and everything to keep you away from gathering with others.  Why?  Because coming together, rubbing shoulders with each other, encourages us and brings glory to God.

This weeks sermon was all about  coming together for worship.  To read other ‘sermon notes’ click here.

Grab your Bible, as I won’t be posting all of the scriptures.  I  feel that it is important to look the scriptures up in your own Bible –  to stay familiar with the love letter that God has given to us.  (If you don’t have a Bible let me know.)

Read Psalm 105:1-5

Why do we come together?

God desires our worship.  We come together to worship Him.  We join together to offer our thanks for all God has and is doing in our lives.  (Can we do that apart from church?  Of course and we should but there is something different about gathering with others for the sole purpose of worshiping God and hearing His word.)

We can tend to focus on the things that are going wrong.  We see the bad – focus on it – and forget all the good.

Illustration:  Did you know that your thumb can blot out the moon?  If you hold your thumb up to the sky,  you can cover up the moon.  Now the moon is huge.  It is way bigger than your thumb.  However, if you are focused on your thumb you will not see the moon.

When we focus on our problem we blot out all the good God has done.  It is still there, but we are not seeing it because our sight is on the problem.

When problems seem real big — look at where your focus is.

V. 2  Sing

What can we do for God?  We can sing!!  We gather together as the people of God to sing praises and to offer up thanks.   Testimony time is a time of proclamation – remembering God’s works.  God is at work in our lives!

God is good!  All the time!

v.3  Glory in His name – stop in the presence of the Lord and simply think about who God is.  How often do we do that?  Probably not often enough.  It is life changing to stand in the presence of an awesome God and glory in His name.

v.5  judgments – history of God interacting with the human race.  God shows great mercy to those who repent and believe.  To those who fail to repent and fail to believe  – there is great judgment.

“The Gospel message is repent and believe, not just proclaim and hope!”

We, as the people of God, are meant to proclaim the message of salvation.  Look for opportunities to proclaim the goodness of the Lord.

v. 4  Seek His face – an audience of One!

We are united in His presence and told to seek His face – to spend time in the presence of Almighty God.

“You’re not gonna get a better offer”

In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy, peace forevermore.

I (Pastor Curt) will be having a GI scope – in God’s presence is strength, hope, peace, and joy.

“It really doesn’t matter what they find in here (pointing to his stomach) as what God finds in here (pointing to his life).  If I could pound one thing into people –one thing — it would be if you are experiencing problems in life then get before God!

“God will give us the wisdom to know what to do.  The strength to do what we need to do and the peace to get us through the storm.

“Let the wind blow, blow as hard as it can on Christ the solid Rock I stand!!” (Imperials)

till next time


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