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what do you see?

Just another Tuesday or is it?

I’ve had one of those ‘time stands still‘ moments.

Let me back up a bit………..

A few years ago I was blessed to be at a conference where Kristi Northup was the worship leader.   You can’t help but feel her love and excitement for God.   She has a heart of  passion.  It is evident in her music.  It is all over her face.

So tonight, I get home from work and jump on facebook.  I think there must be a 12 step program for that.  Ah, but would I go?

It’s Tuesday night and hubby is home.   (During the school year he teaches on Tuesday night.   Have I mentioned that I love summer?  I do!)    As usual, when he is home, the music is on.

He is attempting to play through our cd collection.  This is a good thing because we tend to get in a rut and play the same cd’s over and over again.

So there I was when …  wham.  This song comes on.  I jump up and tell the family that this song is the whole reason I bought 3 of her cd’s.

As I tend to do, I put the player on ‘repeat 1 song’ to the moan of my family.  OK, so this time they moaned silently.  It really is a good song.

I am transported back to that retreat.  I remember like it was yesterday.   God calling me to see past the junk.  God speaking to my heart through this song –  wanting me to be willing to let Him show me what He sees – to love with His love.

What do you see?

How’s that working for you?  Ok,  so I am not Dr Phil, but seriously sometimes we get so caught up in ‘I…, I…, I….,  and how things affect me’.   I’ itus  as my dear Opal calls it.

I encourage you to let God show you what He sees!

Here is the song.  Kristi captures it.

I see desperation.   I see pain.   I see a life in ruins hopeless to ever change.  I see a city broken in two.  Is there anything that You can do?

 I see condemnation and I see shame.  I see the bride of Christ covered in human stain.   I see a finger pointing back at me.  I’m ashamed of my hypocrisy.

 You see beauty where I see dross.  You see value where I see loss. Cuz You are the light and the darkness cannot overcome it.  

 I see Simon, but You see Peter.  I see the adulteress, but You see a leader.   I see a desert.  You see a well.  I see Jacob, but You see Israel.

 I see China.  You see believers.  I see aids in Africa.  You are, You are the healer.

 I see religion.  You see the church.  I see the horizon but You see the whole world.

You see beauty where I see dross.  You see value where I see loss. Cuz You are the light and the darkness cannot overcome it.

Whatever we face, whatever comes our way,  God is still so very faithful.   Sometimes it is hard to understand why some things  happen.  I think too much time can be wasted trying to figure some of that stuff out.    Kristi’s song has reminded me again that I don’t have to figure it out.  I also don’t have to stay in the trap of ‘what I see’.    I see…………. but God sees……….and I choose to go with what God sees.

I trust God.  I believe He is at work.  I know that my life is in His hands.  I long for His will to be done — that is really what it is all about.  It isn’t about me and my will but that His will be done in my life, in my family, in my relationships, and in my church.

til next time

If you want to hear some of Kristi’s music– check out her website.  go to listeners, music, then play.


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  1. I am reminded of an early Amy Grant song, “My Father’s Eyes”. If we saw the world as God sees it our attitudes would sure be different.

    Comment by Pastor Curt | June 16, 2011 | Reply

  2. Love your post! Maybe it is a mum or woman thing… I also repeat the song that I’m loving over and over. The family don’t love me doing that so much, lol 🙂

    Comment by Sarah | June 17, 2011 | Reply

    • I understand Sarah! I also listen to teachings by Joyce Meyer when I am working in the kitchen. I can listen to the same one over and over again. I figure it won’t hurt to hear it again and I probably missed something anyway. I know that I have had it in too long (according to my son) when he says something about me putting in a new teaching. LOL

      Comment by Gloria | June 18, 2011 | Reply

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