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caffeine is not my friend

I had my follow visit to the ENT this past week.

Good news is that my overall hearing has actually improved. That was a wonderful surprise – both to me and my doctor.

The test that was done to check out my inner ear was not as good.   It is a test that emits sound waves into your ear.   On one ear I passed three out of five.  On the other ear I passed two out of five.  Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about that.

The ringing is still there.  Some days, it is absolutely horrible.  Other days, I hardly notice it.

So he gave me all my options – such as they are.  He again stressed the importance of reducing salt, no caffeine, and reducing stress.  Sigh!  The salt is not a problem.  Attempting to eliminate caffeine does not reduce my stress.

Here is how that played out.  When I tried it last time I did not notice any significant change in the ringing.  What I noticed was that I was way more tired.

At work the thought of making decaf coffee would send some of my coworkers over the edge.  Not to mention that I absolutely love fountain pop and there are very few places that have good caffeine free fountain pop.

However, I did try to go no caffeine.  Like I mentioned though, it really wasn’t helping the ringing.  I missed my morning coffee at work so I decided one cup wouldn’t hurt.  That led to two cups.  This in turn led to –  “well I guess one soda at lunch won’t make any difference.”   Funny how that led to two sodas at lunch.

Which meant that when I went back to the doctor I was not caffeine free.  😦

Hmmm, kind of the same way in our Christian walk.   For example, grumbling should be avoided.  It does no one any good.  Yet how easy is it to complain or mutter?  (Check out my 30 challenge to not complain)  How easy it is to justify something that is so unhealthy.

It takes discipline to remove that bad habit.  It requires making a conscious effort to guard your mouth.

It is a daily thing.

Life sometimes comes at us very quickly and things happen that we don’t like but complaining about it won’t help.   Grumbling will not get you out of the mire.  It will only keep you down.  I’ve yet to see anyone get into the solution while complaining and murmuring.

So I left the doctor’s office with renewed commitment to walk this walk caffeine free.

The next day I opened at work so I made a  pot of decaf coffee and put it in a thermos.  Then I made real coffee for the rest of them.    I have a plan for Monday.  I am buying a small coffee pot to have in my office.

Choices — it comes down to choices.

til next time


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  1. If I can kick the habit, so can you!

    Comment by Pastor Curt | February 4, 2012 | Reply

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