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r u looking for a job?

Looking for a job?  Thinking about turning in a resume?

Here’s a  few things for you to consider.

Pay attention to the instructions in the job advertisement.  If it says to bring it in then don’t mail it.  If it says to mail it in then don’t bring it in.  After all this is the first step in weeding out  the competition.  If you can’t follow simple directions it  will hinder you from getting to step two (the interview).

If you made a mistake on the resume don’t cross it out (in red or any other color) and do not write the correct information on top.  Fix it and then print out a corrected copy.

If your pages print out badly and you feel you must offer an excuse for why that is – recognize that it just needs to be reprinted.

Don’t use standard copy paper.  Yes there is actual resume paper out there.  It does make a difference in how it looks.

Don’t turn in a dirty resume.  If you spilled something on it on the way to your destination, go back and reprint it.

Spell check and proof readers are your friend.  Spell check won’t catch everything.  Ask someone to look it over.

Keep it concise.

Be sure to have your phone number listed on there. If you list an email address double-check that it is correct.

If you are personally dropping off your resume know that this is the first impression the office will have of you.  Never underestimate the person at the front desk.   Dress appropriately.  If you are applying for an office job skip the jeans or shorts.  Be pleasant.

Don’t use short cuts in your wording.  A resume is not a cell phone.

Listing – References available upon request – is appropriate.  Unless you happen to know people who work at the business and would give you a great reference, then of course include them.

This is by far not an all-inclusive list but it surprises me how often these simple things are overlooked.

til next time


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  1. LOL, I wonder what caused you to write this. 😉

    Comment by tjalexander | February 6, 2012 | Reply

    • Lol maybe just maybe work had something to do with it

      Comment by Gloria | February 6, 2012 | Reply

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