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water only?

Did you give up something for Lent?  If so, how is that going?  Lent can be kind of like a New Year’s Resolution.  You start out strong but then……….

At the beginning of the Lent season, K-love radio was encouraging their listeners give up all beverages but water and then to donate the money they would spend on other beverages (for the 40 days) to help bring clean water to areas that have no clean water.

This is a very noble cause.  At the time I thought that I could give financially without giving up my diet soda, coffee, and tea.

I am a firm believer in supporting Missions.  It is giving that goes above and beyond my tithe.  After all the Bible clearly states that the tithe belongs in the store house so that there will be a local place for worship and teaching.  The local church is God’s tool for the community.  (Malachi 3:10)

Ah, but this is not a blog about tithing.    It is a blog about doing something in your life that stretches you to be a better person.

I am a pop-a-holic.  It is my beverage of choice.  It is not uncommon for me to get a 32 ounce soda (fountain pop is the best) after drinking a couple of 12 ounce cans at work.   This does not take into account the coffee I have had in the morning.

Awhile back my ENT doctor got on my case big time about caffeine.  (FYI just writing that sentence produced an involuntary heavy sigh even though it has been weeks now since I gave up caffeine.)  So I went to decaf coffee and caffeine free soda.  Actually it was caffeine free diet soda.  You know the whole no caffeine, no sugar, bad taste but still addicting soda!

Then K-love got me thinking about water only.  Could I do it?  Why should I do it?  Am I crazy to think about doing it?  I love fountain pop!  Isn’t it enough that I gave up caffeine why should I consider giving up soda all together?  I’ve missed the start of  Lent so maybe next year?  and so the argument went…..

While on vacation I gave it some more thought.  Isn’t it funny how once the distractions of daily living are gone that we can see some things more clearly. Vacation is a wonderful thing!

40 days?  hmmm?  When would 40 days be up?  If I started on Thursday (while still on vacation) it would be 40 days until my ordination.   BUT start while on vacation?  Who am I kidding?  Yet the thought would not leave me.   The more I tried to push it aside the deeper the realization came that I needed to do this.  I recognized that I was drinking way too much soda and way too little water.

It’s been over a week now and I’d love to say it is so easy but that would be lying.  It is hardest at restaurants where they have fabulous fountain pop.  Those of you that love fountain pop like me know what I am talking about.  (another heavy sigh)  However, since I am just drinking water the decision of what to drink is gone.

Why do this?  What is the purpose?

I think that the discipline of giving up something, even for a short time, is good.  It causes us to be stretched and to get out from under our comfort zone.   It teaches our flesh once again that it is not in control.

Temptations are everywhere.  While in Branson, before I had made the decision to do the 40 days of water, we had bought some fabulous decaf coffee beans.   They smell so good!!!   The weather is so beautiful and ice tea sounds so refreshing.   I am surprised at the cravings I have had.

Drinking water only is quite simple.  It doesn’t require much thought just discipline.  Now if only food could be so simple.  Who knows maybe it will impact that as well.

What are you doing in your life to stretch yourself?  What causes  you to get out of your comfort zone?

til next time


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  1. Just as Peter had to actually step out of the boat in order to experience what no other person has ever done, we need to actually step out of our comfort zone over and over again to experience the tremendous blessing of being used by the Almighty to accomplish His purpose through us.

    Discipline and disciple come from the same root word. Disciples are disciplined ones.

    Thanks for the lesson on one more example of self discipline – one that betters self and others (if savings are passed on) and betters others still when our disciplined life speaks to them of the blessings of knowing Christ.

    Comment by meetingintheclouds | March 27, 2012 | Reply

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